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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Milan, Italy

All I can really show you of Milan is what it looked like from the air. We basically just went to Milan to fly to Athens. Soo..... this is it.

Actually... we arrived in Milan in the early evening and checked into our hostel. Our hostel was awesome enough that we could have just hung out with the rest of the people out in the lobby all on their phones, but we figured, why not check out Milan at night. It was either see a little bit of the city at night or not at all. I'm glad that we decided to explore. It was our last hours in Italy after all.

We took the subway to the main part of town. We walked around the central park and a cool castle. We went out and had a nice dinner. The city actually looks quite nice. The architecture was pretty... like most of Italy. The best part of our night outing was going to the Duomo. It was quite awesome.

I would have gotten better pictures if it were during the day, but we also loved seeing things at night because you don't have the crowds of people. That is ALWAYS a good thing. Anyway... we we glad we ventured out just so we could see this.

A nice way to end the Italy portion of our trip.

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jamie hixon said...

That is nuts! All I know about Milan is that there are fashion shows there.