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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Class

Bad news.... today I had to leave Sunny Arizona and my family to go back to snowy Utah.
Bad news..... once again, my flight was delayed, but this time it was only 20 minutes instead of an hour.
Good news... Once I got on the plane, I went to my seat, 9B which is pretty close to the front of the plane. The lady that is supposed to sit next to me gets there.
Lady on airplane: "Hi, I am supposed to sit next to you, but I am doing business with another guy on the plane. Mind switching seats with him?"
Me: "Sure" (Traveling a lone, this happens... I have switched seats with people before, no big deal if it makes them happy.... it is not like I am super attached to my seat or anything)
Lady on airplane: "Ok great, he is in seat 2B"
Me: "Ok, thanks"...... *thinking* you want me to switch my seat with someone in first class? Yep, I'm ok with that.
So I go to my new seat in first class. This is my FIRST first class experience. Why? Because I only care about getting the best deal in traveling which usually takes my comfort out of mind. For those of you who have never flown first class before... let me tell you the perks you get. #1-You get on and off the plane first. I don't care so much about getting on first, but it is nice to get off first. #2- One I think we are all aware of because we pass these seats as we go to our non-first class seats, is that they have more room. This is nice. #3- You also get a pillow, blanket and a little bottle of water waiting for you in your seat. Wasn't there a day when everyone used to get pillows and blankets? I mean... my sister Lori and I borrowed plane blankets to take to Costa Rica and put them back on our flight home.... we were not flying first class. #4- They get you your drink of choice before the plane even takes off. #5- They have different magazines to read... NOT just SkyMall. #6- When they bring you snacks... they bring out a basket of options... it is not just peanuts or cookies. They had sun chips, apples, peanuts AND Twix bars. PLUS... you can take as much as you want. Say What? That is right... I took a bag of Sun Chips AND a Twix bar. #7 - besides my bottled water, I asked for Gingerale. It was brought to me in a real glass AND the flight attendant offered to set my tray up for me. They constantly check up on you. #8- The male flight attendant was really cute. Ok... that might not happen to everyone that flys first class... I probably just got lucky.
It was a great experience that was a nice surprise that will probably never happen again in my life. It was awesome. Would I pay the extra whatever to fly first class in the future? Probably not... I still want the best deals on flights. The End.


jamie hixon said...

Sweet, Tracy!! Cute male flight attendant... total bonus.

Miss-tearious said...

Lucky! That is so cool though!

THE LIZARD'S said...

LOL! Hilarious! I like the "say what?" part .. you can take as much as you want?! Dang... you could have stocked up for the winter! ha. j/k. But, and you had a cute guy waiting on you hand and foot? Now you know my world. But, wait..Was he Straight?

T-Ray said...

ha ha... the straight part.... that I don't know. I like to assume yes to make myself feel better.

Chalyce said...

That was definitely a sweet deal. I usually take my flights on Southwest and you have to fight for a seat. You also have to check in early to get a better option. I guess they do have business select, but not like first class.

politicchic6 said...

I have never flown fist class... and I have been on some long flights. Just this Christmas my brother and dad were travelling First Class to Chile from Atlanta. I envied them... as I envy you.

Desiree said...

Score! That's awesome. I love flight experiences like that. Usually it's the other way around. :) Yeah! That made coming back from AZ a little easier I bet.

Lynette Mills said...

You have to get brave Tracy...we could have had a picture of the flight attendent!