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Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Year Older and Wiser too!

I have great friends. I want to thank everyone that helped make my birthday special. They may not think it makes a difference, but it does to me. I truly appreciate people who remember me and care about me and make me feel loved.

After being up until 1 am with a guy in my ward, I decided since it was officially my birthday that I would finally open my birthday present from Lolly. She always sends it early and I always wait until my birthday to open it... you know, so I have something to open on my birthday. I opened it up and saw the cutest scarf ever! So I decided to wear it for my birthday. She also gave me some cute jewelry. And her cute daughter Ava drew me a picture. I thought it was awesome. My friend Katie also dropped off the cutest flower clips that she made. I can't wait to wear them and it was so nice of her to think of me.

After work, my roommates (including old roommate Allyson) and a couple of friends (Lawanna & Chalyce) went out to dinner at the Olive Garden, which is one of my favorite places to eat. We had a blast. Lawanna made up a little song as she danced at the table for me. It was about how I was a diva and beautiful and young and had it going on. I really wish I would have recorded it. I would play it every morning when I get ready for the day. She is great.

We had great food and they sang to me and made me stand up while they did it.

We had an awesome waitress... so we had to let her know that we appreciated her (besides the tip). So along with a thank you note, I left my signature mark (origami cranes out of the mint wrappers)

We then came home and decorated gingerbread houses and My roommates were awesome and got me the most yummy cake! So remember Allyson's birthday? How Tina made Allyson take the first bite of her cake because it is tradition in Tina's family? Well.... she made me do the same. After cake, we watched a Muppets Christmas Carol. Love that movie.

This morning... as a late birthday gift, my visiting teacher/friend, Sarah and her roommate and also my friend Erica, took me out to breakfast and bought me beautiful flowers! They are so sweet and such good friends.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends. Hopefully 27 will not be so bad.


jamie hixon said...

For your birthday I want to make you a dress. When you come to my house I want to take your measurements and go through patterns/pictures with you. So come to my house with some ideas!

Lynette Mills said...

Wow...cool birthday Tracy. You do have wonderful friends.

Lauren Graff said...

Tracy you are so beautiful and I love how updated you keep your blog!! Your birthday looked fun!!

BRIAN said...

you are so welcome.. that scarf looks so good on you, but I already knew you would rock it!

BRIAN said...

this is lolly, but i'm sure you already know that..ha. it says "brian said" when he is logged into my computer..