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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

After working a half day on Christmas Eve, my sister Kristy kindly drove me to the airport where I arrived an hour and a half early or even more than that because I thought the airport would be crazy busy. It MAYBE took me 10 minutes to print my ticket, check my bag, go through security and find my gate. Then I found out that my flight was delayed for an hour. Thank goodness I have a new laptop and there is free wifi in the airport. That kept me busy for an hour of the 3 I was at the airport.I finally got to Arizona and my parents came and picked me up and got to my sister Jamie's house and Jamie had made us dinner and then Dan's sister and her family came over and we went caroling to my sister's neighbors and other people in their ward. I thought not being with my whole family and not being in Santa Barbara for Christmas this year that we would not continue our tradition.... but I am glad we did it. It made it seem like it was really Christmas Eve to me when it was not feeling that way because of having to work and spending the whole day traveling. After caroling we came back to the house and had treats and hot chocolate and watched Asher open a present while Dan read part of the Christmas story by the beautiful tree. We then chatted for a bit before going to bed.

This morning my nephew (who totally calls me Aunt Tracy now and I am loving it) woke up and said "Dad, it's Christmas time!" and I spent the morning watching Asher open his many presents and I got a couple of things and my dad made breakfast as he normally does and we spent the rest of the day relaxing. The present that I got from my sister is VERY pretty. Jamie has a talent of wrapping presents. They are so pretty you don't want to unwrap them.

After relaxing for the day we went over to Dan's brother Steven's house. They had a wonderful Christmas dinner and invited us and Dan's sister Amy's family (that we went caroling with last night) and they put on a variety show. You would think that there would mostly just be singing (like what we did to contribute to the show) but the kids were very creative. There was joke telling, piano playing, story telling, ballet dancing, singing and my favorite... a light show! It was all very cute.

It has been really great to be with some of my family and in Arizona in the WARMER WEATHER!!! woohoo! I am excited that I get to be here for a week. Hopefully I will have some exciting things to report. But if not.... I am excited to spend lots of time with my parents and Jamie! Thanks for having me Jamie, I love you!


Dallas and Kirsten said...

Looks like so much fun! How did they do the light show? Glad you're with your family and enjoying yourself. Miss you!

T-Ray said...

It was cute, she got these little light rings that she wore on her fingers and that it what she used for the light show.

jamie hixon said...

I love you too and I'm so glad you are here!

Whitty said...

I was wondering how your christmas was, so I decided to check your blog :) So glad I did! Sounds like it was cozy and wonderful! Missing you...

Cheryl said...

Hey, sounds awesome. I'm glad that you got to spend time out there with ffam! When do you come home? We need to trade and catch up. Let me know your schedule. Luv ya