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Sunday, December 20, 2009

WalMart vs Costco

Ashlee and I both had gingerbread house kits, so after my birthday dinner we came home and decided to put together our houses and decorate them. I bought my kit at WalMart. Ashlee was given her kit from her boss... but I am pretty sure it was from Costco. Looking at our boxes... they didn't look like they would be so different... but they really were. Ashlee's kit came with more candy to decorate and her frosting was way stronger than mine, and that by itself made all of the difference. Lets compare shall we?

Ashlee's house looks so cute it could have been professionally made.

My house is falling apart and looks like a two year old put it together. I swear... I really am a creative and a crafty person, but this house made me upset and I almost gave up on it completely.

No matter how much frosting I put on the roof... it still would not stay up. I tried to put gum balls on the top to cover the gap, but they started falling in the house as the roof would slip down more and more. Sad. Somehow it did end up drying and it somewhat stayed together.

In the end, we still had fun putting them together.


Trevor said...

happy birthday! that's funny cause tayson and i did the one from walmart and the roof wouldn't even stat on haha! It was still fun though

jamie hixon said...

We attended a gingerbread party and some people were using hot glue to put their houses together. I think that is totally legit because really, you are not going to eat it.
PS Your house really doesn't look that bad!

Lynette Mills said...

Maybe someone should send this blog to WalMart.

politicchic6 said...

I feel sad building anything out of gingerbread that I am not going to eat.