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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 291

October! What? Time is just flying by. I do love October. Makes me want to go shopping for fall clothes. Fall clothes are my favorite.

Sunday morning I woke up to a text message. The text message from KSL guy that bought my fish tank. He sent me pictures of my fish to let me know they were doing well since the transfer. They are now happily living in Logan. I thought it was great that he text to update me. Cool guy. Made me happy that my tank is in good hands because it was a little sad to let go of it. Maybe in a little while I will text him again to see how the tank is looking. ha ha.

You know how you can send text messages to someone through an email address? Well... I got one from an email address from someone I didn't know that said "You must be tired. You've been running through my mind, all day loong." I asked who it was, but they never responded back. That was it. ha ha. It made me laugh, whoever it was.

I finished "Friday Night Lights". It was a cute show. I liked it. First 2 seasons were the best I think, but I enjoyed the entire show. Now I am watching "Blacklist". I don't know why I wasn't interested in watching it before, but I started it this week and am half way through the second season and am very into it. I will be caught up soon and can keep up with it week to week now that the 3rd season just started.

The diet is still going. I still haven't cheated. I was pretty ticked when I weighed in on Monday and didn't lose any weight because I have followed the rules and NOT CHEATED. I haven't had sugar or soda for 3 weeks. It might be because it was that time of the month, but I still feel like I should have lost a little bit. If I don't lose any when I weigh in on Monday I will cry and reevaluate if I want to do this again if it isn't working. Lisa promises me it is going to work but even though I feel good... I don't feel like I have lost any weight, which is frustrating. Why torture yourself if you aren't getting the reward. Ok... I'm not torturing myself... I do want to make these life changes with eating clean, but I wouldn't do it eating certain things on certain days. We will see. I still have a little over a week left before my 28 days are up. Regardless if it really speeds up my metabolism or not... I should have lost weight just by cutting out sugar and eating really healthy right?

I got my hair done on Monday. I went darker for fall. I feel like it has been forever since my hair was dark. I love it... it's such a rich and beautiful color. Nicole does such a great job. Only like 3 people have noticed that my hair is different, which is weird to me since it seems much darker, but oh well. Not everyone is very observant. I love it and that is what matters.

I had another date with Collin. This was our third date. We had a great time, as usual. It's frustrating because he says he likes me, I like him... but since he lives in Salt Lake, he doesn't seem to want to put in a lot of effort. Like, it was 2 months since our last date. We still text a lot in between, but still. How are you ever even going to know if you want it to go anywhere if you don't spend the time? Sometimes I tell myself to just forget it... I want a guy that is going to put forth the effort towards me. Then other times I think... but we both like each other and have things in common and get along so well. Ugh... so frustrating. I'll just keep dating other people until he decides something I guess.

We had our end of the summer free BBQ at work. They had a raffle with prizes at the table before getting our food. I wasn't even going to go down because I didn't think I would be able to eat anything... but I figured since it was free, I would go down and pick out what I could eat. The big prize for the raffle was a new GoPro. That is what I wanted) since I have the old version of the GoPro I can't justify buying a new one. I didn't win the GoPro, but I did win a $50 Amazon gift card! I never win anything... so that was pretty exciting. Everyone I knew was stopping me in the hall and sending me messages asking me how much the gift card was for and how lucky I was or how much they hated me for winning. Ha ha. There are a lot of people at Novell... chances are slim. They do gifts for 12 days of Christmas... your chances are higher because they are doing prizes everyday and I still have never won. So i'm happy I finally won something.

Speaking of food at work. I went down to the Cafe today to get a salad and the lady making my salad asked me if I was in Payson Canyon last weekend driving in a Jeep. I was surprised and said yes. Apparently she saw me drive by. I'm surprised she recognized me just driving by! If I would have seen her, I would have waved and said hello. Everyone that works in the cafe is super nice. I don't eat down there very often, but I have been at Novell for so long, they all know who I am I guess.

They changed our visiting teaching assignments.... AGAIN. Everyone was doing their visiting teach because it is the end of the month. Ha! I love my new companion... Becky. And I like the girls we visit teach. I was not a very good visiting teacher for a while, but going with Becky will make it easier. The second girl we visit taught lives at home with her sister. Becky's roommate, Lindsay visit teachers her sister, so we had a group visiting teaching appointment which was a lot of fun. They are sweet girls. Been in the ward a long time, but I never got to know them. Glad I am getting to know them now. As for my new visiting teachers, I'm bummed they got switched because I was just becoming friends with my other ones... my new ones will be interesting.

I went to a mid singles ward activity because they invited my ward. I SHOULD be going to those activities and be in the family ward with them. I went and looked around and it just made me not want to be a part of it. It made me want to be married before going into the family ward. Soo.... that needs to happen soon. ha ha. One can always hope.

I got together with my friend Lexi last night to catch up and to plan another fun party. She is the one that I put on that adorable Spring Tea Party with. Now we are working on a Fall picnic. I love it because I come to her with my ideas... and not only does she love them, but we collaborate together to put on an amazing event. She takes my ideas and makes them even better. I can't wait to put it on. Should be a lot of fun and very beautiful.

I bought my friend / co-worker lunch last Friday because somehow he forgot his wallet. Who does that? So yeah, he asked me if I would buy his lunch at the cafe... being the good friend that I am I did. I knew he would pay me back, but even if he didn't, 5 bucks isn't a big deal. Anyway... my boss had called me into the office to talk about some things which turned into stalking my blog which turned into her telling me I am now hosting a craft night for the girls at work.... and when I came out of her office and back to my desk... I saw my desk looked like this. It made me laugh out loud. Tyler is hilarious. Thanks for paying me back and making sure I got it in such a creative way.


Lynette Mills said...

Very creative payback.

jamie hixon said...

I hope that 5 dollar bill didn't rip.

I know how it is when you are on a diet and don't lose weight forever. THAT IS MY LIFE. I work out hard 5 hours a week at least and eat clean and I never lose a pound. My next step is to go to an endocrinologist. A lady who used to be in my ward was eating clean and doing cross fit and not losing weight... she went to an endocrinologist and he balanced her out and she looks amazing now.