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Monday, October 19, 2015

Corn Maze - Disney Style

My ward went to the corn maze last Thursday... but I didn't go. Weird for me. I look forward to going to the corn maze every year and it is something I love doing every fall. This year... I just wasn't feeling it and didn't go. Then my friend RJ asked me if I would be in another one of his music video's. This music video was going to be filmed at the corn maze after hours... so I guess I was going to go after all. He asked me if I would play Maleficent. I of course told him I would love to. His last music video hasn't been published yet, but whatever. I just go with it.

This music video was great because all I had to do would show up. The costume was provided for me by one of RJ's friends who made almost all of the villain costumes. I had my make up done by the face paint people that work at Corn Belly's... you know, the ones that you pay to do face paint? They did all of our make up for free. The guy who made my costume actually did my make up as well, but when I went into the face paint tent with everyone else, the lady looked at my make up and said she loved Maleficent too much and needed to redo my make up to make it better... so I let her. I didn't care. I didn't see the way my make up looked before, but I liked how she did it. 

We had to wait until Corn Belly's closed. So there was a bit of waiting. While waiting around I got A LOT of attention. People coming up to me and telling me that Maleficent is their favorite and if they can take a picture with me. I took a lot of pictures with kids, teens, adults. I just embraced it. It was like being a character at Disneyland. 

We finally got started and because it was a smaller group this time, filming went a lot faster and I felt like I bonded with the group a lot more. I was also happy to be there with my friend Kristen. There were just two characters for each movie represented. The princess and the villain. I hope that it turns out awesome. I will of course post it when it's done. It was a long night... didn't finished until 2am and then had to drive home and still had to take all the make up off of my face... which trust me... took a while. All worth it though. Being in RJ's music video's is always fun. This is now my 4th video of RJ's that I have been in. So... all of them. I am pretty sure just me and one other girl have been in every video. 

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jamie hixon said...

Ooh, I love the shadow picture. How fun that you just had to show up and be awesome. Your makeup WAS pretty amazing.