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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jeeping Provo Canyon

My friend Amber has become my new adventure buddy. I love it. She has a jeep and it is so fun to explore the canyon in it... even when it's cold. We just drove around the entire afternoon taking pictures and soaking in the last of the fall. After this weekend, it's done. Sad... but true.

I even found a place to hammock. We stopped in the Aspens. I LOVE Aspen trees.

While exploring, we even came across some Moose. I thought that was pretty awesome. I always love seeing Moose in the Mountains.

Great afternoon. Always a blast exploring the outdoors with Amber. Especially in the jeep!

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jamie hixon said...

This post made me miss my jeep cherokee. I think I would love to go exploring in a jeep. Also, I think aspens are my favorite tree. It used to be willows, but I changed my mind. Both types of tree have a lot of movement and beauty that is her to capture in photographs.