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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 300

Tonight, the sunset was SO beautiful. I tried so hard to find SOMEWHERE that I could go or pull over so that I could get a picture, but I couldn't get anywhere in time. By the time I did, it was gone. It made me so mad. Ok... maybe mad isn't the right word. It was frustrating. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but when you love to capture life in pictures like I do.... it's a sad thing. I really hate that it gets dark so early. The good news is, the earliest the sun will set is next week... then from then on it will just be lighter later. Little by little anyway.

Monday night my cousin Trav told me to meet him and Dave at my Grandma's house. We hung out there all together for like 3 hours, just chatting and laughing. Got Lisa on FaceTime. I just love my cousins. They are so fun. Night well spent.

Tuesday I ran errands. Finally went grocery shopping. With me spending so much time with family... I was mostly eating over at my parents house. Then I was terrible and stopped at some food trucks I knew were going to be by the startup building. Two of my favorites... CupBop (Korean BBQ) and Art City Donuts... just the best donuts EVER. YUM! If I ever want to lose weight though I really can't eat at the food trucks.

Wednesday I set up Christmas in my house. Nobody has really been around to enjoy it, but Oh well. I only really set up the living room... and not as much as I usually do. Mostly I just love having my tree up, but I didn't really care to put everything up because I am only going to be around for another week anyway. Knowing I am going to be gone for half of the month and not being around for Christmas has made me not really get that excited for Christmas. Kind of weird huh? At the same time, I still don't feel like I'm going. I typically feel that way though before trips. Probably because I don't plan anything and hardly see Stacey and we don't really talk about it. ha ha. Oh well. It will be here sooner than I'm ready I'm sure.

So now that all of my family from out of town are gone, I have started a new show. I'm totally hooked and binge watching. I'm watching Felicity. It is a J.J. Abrams show and it is old, but I never watched it. I came across it on Hulu and thought, hey! I like J.J. Abrams shows and I have never seen this one. It is VERY different from the rest of his stuff, but I like it. But I love a good drama.

Saturday I went out to dinner with some friends in the ward. Made a new friend who happens to live two doors down from me, but we had never spoken. Sad... I know. Anyway, now we are friends and we all had a good time.Thank goodness for Ian. He has been been putting together these little friend get together's and personally inviting me. I need that, especially in the Winter. That is when I get cold and it's dark and tend to hibernate and get kind of depressed. So thank you Ian for helping me get out of my house. It's like the gym... I need help getting there, and then once I get there, I feel great. I need that interaction with people... that is why I get depressed when I don't get it.

Speaking of the gym. I have gone every day this week. I am proud of myself. My system is working. Knowing that I have to check in and pick up my what my workout is going to be, get's me down there. I can't tell you how many days I haven't felt like it and wouldn't have gone had it not been that I needed to check in with someone. So it's been good. I still don't LOVE going or get excited to go, but at least I am going. Hopefully I will get there eventually.

I bought a Rug on Cyber Monday. A nice big one. I'm excited because it was 80% off. It's hard to find nice rugs that are also cute and are decently priced. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday. I'm not sure why everyone doesn't just get the Cyber Monday deals instead of Black Friday deals. I mean... to me it is total common sense. You still get the deals... but you don't have to go anywhere or wait in line and most importantly... deal with people.

Still training the new girl at work. Still not loving it. It would be so much faster for me to do things myself, but I need to walk her through everything so that she will learn it and remember it. I keep trying to remember when I started and how it was for me. It was so long ago, I barely remember.

In other news, this year in my new department, we are doing secret santa. I don't know if I have ever done secret santa before, that I can remember anyway. In my old department, we just did white elephant every year at our party. I'm not hating this secret santa thing though... whoever my secret santa is, they are leaving me cute little gifts like Candy with cute saying on it every day. Always when I go to lunch. It makes coming back from lunch really fun to see what new treat I am going to have.

I guess that is it. I have gone on a hiatus from guys... so there are no new stories there. I have decided to just focus on me right now. Being happy and content with myself. I haven't been lately... so I need to get back there before I put much thought into guys. I get so frustrated with them that every once in a while I need a break anyway... so that I want to keep trying. If that makes any sense. I can't wait for the day that it's over... the dating game, the search... wondering if it is ever going to happen. Right now though... I'm fine taking a break from them. I want one that is going to treat me right and I haven't found a guy like that in a while.

Here's to another week. I hope it's a little more eventful than this week as been.

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jamie hixon said...

I never watched Felicity either- but I should. I didn't know it was a JJ Abrams show.

Cyber Monday is WAY better than Black Friday. I only shopped for two articles of clothing from one site though. I was too busy writing 10,000 words to finish (and win) my NaNoWriMo project. It was super hard, and I'm sad I missed the best shopping day of the year.

You got the jump on us- we haven't decorated for Christmas yet. Tomorrow!