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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Secret Santa

Now that I am on a new team at work, Christmas is different. For years... I was just used to working with a bunch of guys. We would give each other treats for Christmas and we had a party with a cheap and cheesy white elephant gift exchange. I was fine with it.

When Christmas plans got brought up on my new team... I wasn't that excited. The team before I got there always did Secret Santa. Our old team did White Elephant gifts. We decided to vote which one we would do. The vote was 50/50 and I was pretty much the deciding vote. I told them I refused to vote because I honestly didn't care. I wanted to do whatever made everyone happy. Everyone got really mad at me for not voting. What was finally decided was that we were going to do Secret Santa for whoever wanted to do it and if people didn't want to do it, they didn't have to. Everyone agreed to do it except for 1 person. I was fine to do it, but wasn't excited. I had my name and was going to do something simple.

Then it was December 1st. I got a gift! I thought, ok... here is my secret santa gift.

Then the next day, I got another one. I then realized this was going to be an ongoing thing.

I then looked forward to seeing what I was going to get everyday. I had NO idea who my Secret Santa was. I tried to think of who it would be.

The gifts continued to come every day. It totally brightened my day. By the time it got to the Diet Mountain Dew, I realized it was someone that knew me. I guess I should have guessed who it was, but I didn't know until she revealed herself to me.

It was someone that I have worked with at Novell for a long time, but never got to know until we got put on the same team. Even though I was totally anti-social and hated being there when I was first put on the team, she was sweet to me and loved me and became my friend and now done this for me. It meant a lot. Thank you Jayna!!! You totally made my Christmas by your sweet act of kindness. Did I mention she wasn't even my assigned Secret Santa, there is someone else. She just did it just because.

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jamie hixon said...

Wow, how awesome of her! What a great and sweet thing to do.