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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sodalicious with the Cousins

I never really drank too much soda. When I went to visit my cousin Travis in Indiana/Michigan a couple years ago, he started giving me the Anderson drink of choice. Dewski aka Mountain Dew. He would mix a little bit of fruit juice with it and I REALLY loved it. So I drank a lot of it while I was there. When I came home... I went back to not drinking any again. Until.... Sodalicious came a long. Then you could mix anything you want and I fell in love with Mango Mountain Dew.

Once that happened, I told the Anderson's what they had done to me. Of course they were proud. I told them all about Sodalicious and Lisa and Trav couldn't wait to come visit so that they could get in on the goodness. So it became our thing. When Trav was taking me back to the airport this summer, I read off every drink on their menu in prep for when he came. That is when we discovered a new drink on the menu that is only online... The Flaming Ginger. Of course, Trav is a Ginger, so he knew he had to order that one. Plus, it has our favorite Mountain Dew in it. So when I got home, I started ordering that... it's now "my drink". I have also sold almost everyone at work on it as well.  We are still working on Grandma.

So after our cousin lunch, my sisters left (because they don't love soda) and we headed over to Sodalicious because we had been talking about it for weeks. After we were all done ordering... this is what our order looked like.

Trav bought mine for me and waited to order the Flaming Ginger until he was with me (he went with Dave before he went with me). So we had our Flaming Gingers together. It was a bonding moment we had waited for since this summer.

So we all sipped our soda's and hung out on the couches in Sodalicious in American Fork and laughed and had a good time. I happened to also have my selfie stick with me (which was a new experience for them) so we had fun with that as well. Have I mentioned how much I love my cousins? Well... I do. I have the best family.

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jamie hixon said...

You guys are so cute. We might have come if we would have known there was a place to sit INSIDE at that Sodalicious. We still might not have ordered anything though. ;)