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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mary Sang Her Lullaby

Today we had our Christmas program in our ward. I sang with my good friend Lindsay. I have been wanting to do a duet with Lindsay for a long time because she has a beautiful voice and our voices blend together pretty well.

We sang a Sally DeFord song that I had never heard of before called "Mary Sang Her Lullaby". I love it. So pretty. Funny thing is, almost the entire Christmas program was Sally DeFord songs. It was a Sally DeFord Christmas! It was a beautiful Christmas program. There was a violin duet and a piano cello duet and the choir closed with "Peace, Peace" which made me REALLY miss singing at Disneyland... like A LOT.

Anyway..... here is a recording of Lindsay and I singing today. Not my best take of the song. I was really quiet and breathy in the beginning with my solo. Oh well. I wasn't nervous, but it sounds like I am. It's a pretty song.


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jamie hixon said...

You guys look and sound awesome! It was kind of hard to hear, but I could tell it was pretty.