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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tintic Standard Reduction Mill

First photo shoot with Darrell after a LONG time. Too long. I'm so glad that he agreed to start doing this with me. I need to start taking pictures again. Get my creative juices going, explore more cool spots in Utah. 

First up, we decided to go to the Tintic Standard Reduction Mill. It's in Goshen Utah and I probably wouldn't have known about it except that is where we filmed our Bad Blood Heroes vs Villains video. It was awesome and I knew I would eventually want to go back and explore it more later, I just didn't think it would take me 5 months.  Glad I did though. The Graffiti makes for rad pictures. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for December. The snow melted and the hike up there was easy. Nobody was there except for us. Nice and quite... we just explored and took pictures and enjoyed the view. What a cool spot. A hidden gem really. A lot of people don't know about it. Well... except for all of the graffiti artists. Ha ha. There is actually some amazing art in graffiti. Darrell and I also discovered a lot of positive messages in the graffiti as well. It made it fun to photograph and interesting to look at.

Apparently the Tintic Mill was built in 1920 and only operated from 1921 to 1925. Metals processed at the mill included copper, gold, silver and lead, all of which were received from another mill near Eureka. The metal content of ore was increased through the process to make transportation less expensive. The reducing process used was an acid-brine chloridizing and leaching process which became outdated, leading to the abandonment of the site in 1925. At the mill's highest productivity it processed 200 tons of ore yearly from the Tintic Mining District.  Now it is filled with cool graffiti and there for people like me to hang out and take pictures. 

Here are some of the best shots.

I also found a place to hang my hammock. Such a great view. 

Can't wait for more photoshoots with Darrell. I have created a list, so more to come in the new year! So many cool places to explore in Utah.

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jamie hixon said...

You got some cool shots! And that place is crazy. Abandoned buildings are so interesting to me.

Also, you could start a new trend with that hammock. It's like planking, but way more comfortable.