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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 346

I already blogged about Thriller and hiking to Silver Lake with Lacey so... let's go from there.

I was feeling pretty irritated after the whole Thriller thing... but going for a long hike and spending time out in the sun and fresh air with no cell service was just what I needed. I felt a lot better.

When I got home from the mountains, my old roommates MacKenzie and Allison were getting together to watch the latest episodes of Blacklist. I had caught up on a couple but hadn't seen the latest one, so it worked out perfectly. They started without me and I went home to shower and go get food (because that is what we do when we watch Blacklist, we get food and Sodalicious to have while we watch Blacklist) and then after I got my Flaming Ginger and some CupBop, I went over to watch the latest episode with them. Then after of course we chatted about stupid stuff and caught up on life. Nice, chill night after a long hike.

Since I was with MacKenzie Saturday night, I told her she needed to go to church with me Sunday morning so I didn't have to go by myself to my new family ward. So she did. We went together and it was weird being in not only a new ward but back in a family ward after SO MANY years of being in a singles ward. Lucky for me, my first Sunday in the ward was the Primary Program. Gotta love the Primary Program. It will be an adjustment... but it is what it is. I will keep going and hope that it grows on me.

My parents were out of town going to my nephews baptism, so no family dinner on Sunday night (which is very strange) but I did end up going to my friend Jaylene's birthday party later that night. It takes a lot these days to make me want to go to a party by myself where I am most likely not going to know anyone and quickly say hi to the birthday girl and then walk around awkwardly before I decide to go home. Well... thankfully that didn't happen. As soon as I walked up to this happening party, I saw my friend Travis who I met through my friend Ty (the one I sang endless love with) who was roommates with Dave who I dated for a little while. Yep... that is how my friends are these days... people I know through people that I know through other people. Like Jaylene. I met her on a hike because Kyle brought her along and I met Kyle in a music video that I was invited to be in by RJ. Isn't it interesting how life works? Who you meet because of the decisions you make? Had I not decided to be in that music video, I wouldn't be friends with Jaylene... because I wouldn't have met Kyle. Tangent. Sorry. After I was done having a nice chat with Travis, I ran into this guy Jared that is from my ward I just left. Funny thing about Jared is that we had been in the same ward for 2 years and we both knew each other... but we had never had a conversation. Well... he was also at the party by himself and we ended up talking for the rest of the party... and been texting every day since. Turns out we are the same type of people. Why we didn't become friends before? Well... apparently I am intimidating. I guess if enough people tell me that, it must be true. I don't mean to be. Anyway... fun night and I am glad that I went. Almost didn't.

Monday I went to work and then worked out with Josh and then I decided to finally go through my closet. That took a while, but since Jared and I had still been texting he came over to hang out and keep me company and entertain me. We had some good laughs. He is a funny guy.

Tuesday I went to work and then worked out with Josh and then I found out my sister Jamie was in town... So I went to my parents house after the gym to hang out with her and the fam. Always love it when family is in town.

Wednesday after work I worked out with Josh and then I spent the rest of the night cooking and preparing for my annual pumpkin dinner party the next night. This one was more epic than any of the rest so far.

Tonight... I skipped the gym after work because I wouldn't have been able to pull off the pumpkin dinner party in time if I would have gone. It was epic though. We all had such a great time and it turned out exactly the way I wanted to. Picture perfect! I will blog about it soon. Stay tuned. For now... I'm SOOOOO tired. Have not been getting enough sleep this week. So that is all for now.

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jamie hixon said...

Ooh, I am excited to see your pumpkin dinner post. It always looks like the most elegant and fun party. And yay for a new friend!