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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Dinner for the Kids - Take 6

We didn't do the Halloween Dinner for the kids last year, but we were back at it this year. It wasn't quite as epic as the last Halloween dinner we did, but it was still good and better yet, tasted good. I feel like this year my addition to the meal was the biggest let down. I knew Kristy was making Spaghetti and we didn't need to bring dessert so I couldn't really think of anything to bring that would go with the dinner... except breadstick bones. So that is what I brought. Except that my breadsticks didn't end up looking that much like bones. Oh well... they tasted good. They all got eaten up quickly. Hopefully next year I will have a better contribution to make up for this year.

Kristy's Spaghetti monsters were really cute... and tastey.

Chad and Clara brought jello brain.

My dad cut a jack-o-lantern into the watermelon... which HAD to be tough.

My mom brought a cute pumpkin veggie tray and the highlight (I thought) the day of the dead fruit pumpkin! It also made for a great Center Piece.

Kristy also made her witch fingers again.

It is a fun tradition and I am glad the Kristy includes the rest of us in the tradition. Halloween day (today) I am still at work. Been here since 8am and probably won't leave until 1am. Fun stuff... I know. Not that I had any fun parties to go to, but I really like Halloween and love dressing up and am kind of bummed when I don't get to. Last year I didn't either. Looks like I need more friends. This year I didn't have a choice with work. I'm glad that I at least got to celebrate a little by this fun dinner with the family and Witches night out with Heather on Saturday. Happy Halloween.

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jamie hixon said...

I saw that day of the dead pumpkin and I was so impressed! The monsters are so cute! What a fun tradition. Everything looks great to me.