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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Witches Night Out

Saturday I went with my cousin's wife Heather to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. Gardner Village is just a little village of shops/boutiques and craft stores and food shops and there is a restaurant and theater... so they have lots of different events throughout the year at the village. This is one of their biggest. They have 2 weekends in the month where TONS of people all come to the village dressed as witches. They had food trucks and music and dancing and of course... you shop. Heather and I mostly just wanted to go to dress up and go... do something different and fun. I had always wanted to go and finally was going to.

A few weekends ago we met up at the mall and we shopped for a hat and tights. Later Heather bought a bunch of tool so that we could make tutu's before we went. That was my vision anyway of the cute witch I wanted to be and I told her what colors to get. So we made them and then headed to the party.

I was shocked how crowded it was. It started at 6 and went until 11pm. We didn't buy much. We both got a top... and I probably wouldn't have gotten mine if my cousin Dave didn't tell Heather to buy me something. Then I bought a pumpkin spice trifle. That was it. Other than that we just walked around. We had fun chatting. It was fun to people watch and to see everyone's different version of a witch. I liked our's the best. ha ha.

It was fun. So glad that Heather wanted to go. We should have out more often... especially since I don't have many other friends to hang out with these days... especially since I just lost my newest friend (who was supposed to come with us) to a boyfriend. Oh well, such is life. Cousins are great and they stick around. So hopefully more of this in the future.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesome and you guys are the cutest!! I love your witch outfits. That is something I would totally dig.