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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 81

Can anyone tell me what the point of Google + is? I am on it, but I have no idea why, or what I am supposed to do with it. I just get emails telling me that someone added me to their circle of friends... and I think to myself. That is great. Now what?

Speaking of other online things... I finally got on board and signed up for Pintrest. It doesn't seem like it would be that addicting, but it kind of is. Besides reading blogs, this is now what I do when I am bored at work. It is a great idea to keep all your inspirations and ideas organized and easy to access. Brilliant.

My singing BFF, Wes finally came back from his summer internship. I missed him. Seriously. He came over to visit and talk and it was fun to catch up. While we were talking we brought up San Francisco... I don't remember why, but then we were talking about Alcatraz and he told me he had slept there in a cell. NO WAY!!! I have never met someone else that had done that. I told him that I did too. Wow... that bonded our friendship even more. Here we have been friends all this time and I never knew. It never got brought up. I think its a crazy awesome thing to have in common.

Over the weekend I saw 2 movies in the theater. First one I saw was "One Day". I actually didn't really want to see it because I hate Anne Hathaway. Seriously, I do. But my friend had already seen the other one I had wanted to see and wanted to see this one. So we went. Oh how I wish I could get those 2 hours of my life back... and my money. As soon as the movie ended I said out loud "I hate that movie". It was SO long and I had to listen to Anne Hathaway's fake British accent and I could not wait for the movie to end. YUCK I hated that movie!! The other movie that I saw was "The Help"... the movie that I REALLY wanted to see. That movie was SO good! So glad that I went to see it to get the other crappy movie out of my head. "The Help" was a feel good movie, one that I will most likely own when it comes out.

When I went to the Crater again this week, I was going back to get my purse out of the locker and the guy working at the desk of the crater started talking to me about how glad he was that I came back to get my purse because it would have been really awkward for him to walk out wearing it. Which he then told me that he had been married for 22 years now and was really not gay (which I didn't think he was and wasn't going to say anything) Which then turned the conversation to him telling me that gay men hit on him all the time, but he still wasn't tempted to be gay. He then continued to tell me that if he did ever decide to become gay, that he would want Jerad (my scuba instructor) to be his first. Ummm awkward. I didn't ask for any of that information... yet... it was still given to me. How do I end up in these conversations. Really.

Sunday at my parents house I was chillin when my dad came in the room. He asked me if I had seen what he built in the back house. My dad and his projects. You just never know what he is going to do next. So I followed him to the back house to see his most recent project. When I walked in, there was a stage with his whole sound system and mixing boards all hooked up and microphones on and ready to go. So... I got up on stage, my dad put on "The Beatles" and we both sang on stage together. It was pretty awesome. A great daddy daughter bonding moment. I sure do love my dad. I think this stuff is so great. We could totally have an open mic night over there now... or a family talent show perhaps?

On Monday, we had ward FHE. Everyone was supposed to bring a game and there were a bunch of tables set up and groups of people were at different tables playing different games. As soon as I walked in, I saw my new good friend Brittany and her roommates and a couple other people. So I decided to join them and play poker. We didn't gamble.... just played for fun... and to mix things up, the winner got to pick a truth or dare for everyone at the table to do. One of the girls that won picked truth and asked everyone to share their most embarrassing moment. The one and only guy at the table, Jason, who is also my neighbor shared the best story that I had heard in a while. Short summary of his story. It was a first date with this girl, they were on a group date eating at some place. First bite and he starts to choke. The meat gets stuck in his throat, but he could breathe. He goes to the restroom to try and cough it out, all the guys try and help him out. Nothing is working. They end up having to go to the hospital. The whole group date goes. Because he can't swallow water, they send him to the ER. Everyone follows. He finally convinces most of them to leave, but his date still stayed despite his protest. They hand him a hospital gown to change into because he is going to have to have the piece of meat surgically removed from his throat, he really didn't want his date there, but she still stayed. He was put out, meat taken out, then he took his date home. HA HA HA HA... how amazing is that story? It was better to hear him tell it. We were all laughing pretty hard. We all had so much playing poker that night that I think it was decided that we wanted to do it again... maybe on a somewhat regular basis. P.S. I won the last game that night.


jamie hixon said...

Google Plus. It is supposed to take the place of facebook in your life. It hasn't done that for me. I haven't even signed up, although I've been invited.
PINTEREST! I bet Dan is sad that he set up an account for me there. I love it a little too much.
Sleeping in a cell on Alcatraz is a crazy thing to have in common with someone.
WHY DO THEY KEEP CASTING ANNE HATHAWAY IN ROLES WHERE SHE NEEDS AN ENGLISH ACCENT. SHE CAN'T DO IT. You would think Hollywood would have a clue by now. Sheesh. Thanks for the warning on that movie. Although I probably would have stayed clear. But I can't wait to see The Help. The book was awesome.
That embarrassing moment story was HILARIOUS. It sounds like something from a movie. If I were the date, I don't know what I would have done. But probably not stayed at the hospital.
Your story about Dad made me want to visit Utah. I need to do that soon.

Lori said...

Dad built a stage! I thought he was going to buid a play set :) haha, awesome.
I've never heard of google plus or pinterest... that's not saying much though.
Fun that you played poker. It can be fun with a good group of people for sure.

Holly said...

Seriously, I haven't figured out what Google+ is really for either. But Pinterest is growing into a terrible addiction.

Caytlin said...

Your dad makes me laugh :) Awesome that he built a stage!

THE LIZARD'S said...

alcatraz and sleeping in a cell overnight...you two are destined BFF's!!! Its official.

MoNiCa! said...

I also hate Ann Hathaway. I'm glad you mentioned that movie sucked so now I will not see it!