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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 85

Well I have been home from South Africa for a week now. It already feels like it has been forever since I have been there. It has been taking me forever to go through all of the pictures though. I have already heard from a Rugby player that we met there AND one of our tour guides. Fun. New friends in new countries.

I did not have a hard time with the time change on the way there. It is only 8 hours difference instead of 12 1/2 like India was. I didn't feel like I had time with the time change on the way back. I remember having a really hard time coming back from India. I have been able to go to bed and get up when I normally do this time, but I am totally exhuasted by like 10pm and I wake up at least an hour before my alarm goes off... and for anyone that knows me, that is NOT normal. In fact... one night, I was trying to catch up on my blog. I sat in my bed with my back against some pillows against the wall and my laptop open in my lap. I think I stared at the computer for maybe a minute trying to decide where to start on my blog and I fell asleep. I NEVER do this. I woke up an hour later with my lap top still there open and ready to go. I was feeling a little messed up. But I think I am back to normal now.

I went back to the gym everyday this week after not exercising for almost 2 weeks. Oh man... it was rough! My body was in pain all week long from doing pilates to running again to sports training to zumba (which was interesting this time because we had a guy subbing the class. It was hard to take him seriously in the beginning, but he actually had some great new dance moves) back to pilates. All I can say is.... I need a massage. I have not had one in MONTHS!!! It is time. That and I need to get back into shape. Amazing that it only takes 2 weeks to get out of shape. Sad.

One day while I was at work... my co-worker and I walked out into the hall to the bathroom and noticed that the elevators and everything was blocked off and the alarm was going off. We were like... what the... why did we not hear the alarm in our offices? Anyway.... we didn't know what happened. It wasn't a drill because they schedule those, so we just went down the stairs to the parking lot and waited around to see what happened. We still are not sure.

On Sunday I was at Ward Prayer and my BFF neighbor and his sister were there and she reminded him that he owed me money. He keeps forgetting. So he pulls out his wallet and only had like half of the amount that he owed me. This other guy in the ward that was chatting with us pulls out his wallet and gave him the rest of the money and said "Yeah, that just happened" and handed me the money. I didn't have anywhere to put the money since I didn't have my purse on me.... so I did what any normal girl would do, I stuck the money in my bra. Then that got us into a whole other topic. He was like... thank you for doing that. I wish I could do that. I just never know what girls are going to pull out of there. It keeps my interest. Then we decided that we should invent the pocket bra.

I brought my laptop into work today told a couple of my co-workers that I had my South Africa pictures with me in case anyone wanted to see them. All the sudden the manager of the department called a team meeting and invited everyone to go to a conference room around the corner. Not everyone knew what this team meeting was about, but I think they were happy once they found out. We tried to look it up to the projector, but I didn't have the right hooks ups. While going through all of my pictures, I was just flipping through them fast because I had so many and then came across a picture of me and Stacie with these two cute South African Rugby players that we met and hung out with for the day. So I got teased about that from everyone, but whatever. Then I kept flipping and then there was a picture of one of those boys with his shirt off and then everyone really started freaking out and teasing me. Asking me to explain the picture. Of course I am super embarrassed and put on the spot and my face is bright red and I know that anything that comes out of my mouth is not going to matter because I am going to get teased regardless, but they all got silent waiting for my explination and even though his shirt was just off and it was all innocent and I didn't even care for him to take his shirt off, I couldn't think of anything to say that would sound reasonable. Really he asked me to take the picture and so I did. He is an athlete and proud of his body. Then the shirt went back on. But now, because of that picture I am known as the floozy of the office. How embbarrassing.

My new calling is that I am the Relief Society Meetings Chair. An activity that I felt strongly about was how us women feel about out appearance and how we present ourselves. My friend Allyson got this speaker for us about dressing for your body type. I thought it was so great for the girls to hear. She was a wonderful speaker and I felt like she was our own personal "What Not to Wear" show. Sadly we didn't get a $5000 shopping spree in NYC. Anyway, she was great and I think everyone left feeling really good about it and knowing what they needed to do to dress for their body type and be their best selves.


Lori said...

That evening meeting sounds awesome! Very good idea Tracy! And that is so cool that your manager called everyone together to see your pictures :) haha what a cool work place! I'm sure the teasing will fade away after a while. They are all just jelous is all.

Lynette Mills said...

I want to see this Rugby player :)

jamie hixon said...

I actually want to share your closet. I think you are awesome at dressing in general, but also for your body type.