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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 82

In the last couple of days... people have been telling me that I look tan. It is SO weird for people to say this to me. In fact... I have to check to see if they are talking to me because I NEVER get this comment. Except last year when I got a spray tan. ha ha. But wow... it is weird for me to hear it because I really don't tan. And compared to others... I am still SUPER white.

Today was the last BBQ of the season at the cafe at work. I love BBQ season and I am really sad that summer is already over and the BBQ's are going away. Lauren and I always go to Zumba, we told the guys at the Grill to make sure that they saved us some because we didn't want to miss the last day. They just laughed at us, they couldn't believe we were asking them to save us food. They tease me a lot. In fact... everyone teases me a lot. Why is that?

Remember how I told you that I started playing volleyball with those guys at work? And it felt like I was joining a gang? Well... we noticed this week that when we have passed by them playing on our way to go to the gym they seemed really mad that we were not playing with them. They always make comments to get on the court with them or they gave us the cold shoulder when we choose the gym instead of playing with them. ha ha... it's kind of funny. What did we get ourselves into. It is not like I am never going to play with them again, I just don't want to play with them everyday is all.

Yesterday Institute started back up. It was SUPER crowded... mostly because Sister Dalton was there to speak to us, which was awesome since she is the General Young Women's President. It was a REALLY great class. She is a neat lady and I am really glad that I went. I felt like I had not been to Institute in a long time (about a month) because they took a break and before that I was missing it for Scuba class. Good to be back.

Tuesday night I was back at Applebee's for Karaoke night. I still have not gotten up to sing. I need to. I was finishing editing family pictures for a friend (yes I brought my laptop to Applebee's so I could work on it there) so I can get started going through all 850 Lake Powell pictures. I love taking pictures, but going through them all in the end is kind of a pain. Anyway... even though I have not gotten up to sing YET it is still fun to go and sit and people watch. We had great seats this time too right up front, so I was singing along and dancing. It was good times. My roommate said that this table of cute black guys were checking me out as I danced. They must like my big ghetto booty. At least someone appreciates it.

Right now, I feel like a lizard... because my skin is peeling. Not everywhere... just the places I got really burnt. I am not sure which part is worse, feeling pain from the sunburn or the itching and flaky skin from peeling.... I swear I put on lots of sunblock!

This week I have been feeling very bored and lonely. Probably because at Lake Powell I was so used to being surrounded by a group of fun people 24/7. We all really bonded. I made some great new friends and I miss them a lot. It was hard to leave them and say goodbye. We have all continued our bonding via text and facebook though, which has been nice. Speaking of my new friends from Lake Powell... one night around the camp fire we somehow started talking about Bucket Lists (I'm sure because of me). Anyway, people started telling me that they didn't have a bucket list and I told everyone that they needed to have one. Everyone should. So I told them that they needed to start one that night. One of the girls said one of the first things on her list was to befriend a midget. Her sister said one of the first things on her bucket list was to get ice cream from an ice cream truck. Right away I said that shouldn't be hard and her and her sister said "No, she has been trying for years. As soon as she hears the ice cream truck she books it out the door and she has run after them several times and has never been able to get one". I just laughed. So I said... okay, well... when it happens, make sure you take a picture to document since it has been such a struggle. Anyway... the trip ended and I kind of forgot about that whole conversation. Last night I got a text message from another one of the sister's of a picture of the one sister with an ice cream standing in front of the ice cream truck. I about died laughing. No caption necessary. The other sister sent me a picture of her skipping away from the ice cream truck because she was so happy. It was so funny. Maybe you had to be there, but it totally made my night.

As much as I was happy to come home because I can only take camping for so long and I missed my bed, I really miss falling asleep under the stars. The stars were so bright at Lake Powell. You could see the Milky Way so clearly. To fall asleep to that every night... it was just amazing. People on the trip probably got tired of me saying it. I was very vocal about how much I loved it. I had not camped in so long... it was refreshing. And no tent this time... so really, the last thing I saw every night before I fell asleep were stars. *sigh*


Lori said...

I got teased a lot through out my sigle life... i think it's a flirty thing to do.

jamie hixon said...

I think it is better that you were vocal about the positive than the negative. I was like that in Hawaii, but only Dan was there to laugh at me.
Next Karaoke night you must sing. Just think of a couple good songs beforehand so you don't get stuck looking at the book all night.