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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Picture Display Idea

I wanted to display some Black and white pictures of a city. I picked out some pictures I took in Chicago last November and blew up my favorite and printed a couple others just to see if I wanted to do anything with them. When I picked up my pictures I realized that I didn't print the city picture big enough for the frame that I wanted to put it in. So... I had an idea...

Since I am really into the collage look these days... I decided to put cute scrapbook paper to use again. I actually like how it turned out better than if I would have just blown up the one picture bigger. It has added a little change to my room.


Kel said...

LOVE it Trace. good way to display those beautiful pics you took.

Lori said...

Turned out awesome Tracy, you have such an eye for art :)
ps. my word verification is hotmen. haha

Lynette Mills said...

like it... still need to come over and see the place since Rachel moved in