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Saturday, September 17, 2011

S'more Pizza

About a month or so ago I went to this new pizza place in town. The first time that I went, I tried one of their dessert pizza's. I fell in love after one bite. I decided that I was going to go home and make that pizza. It was a S'more Pizza... so when we decided to have a S'more Party, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see if I could recreate the pizza. I think it turned out quite close to the original. It was just as good. 

S'more Pizza

First you make the pizza dough. I use this recipe for the dough.
First bake the dough for 5-8 minutes.
Then Spread Nutella all over crust.
Scatter little chunks of Peanut Butter on top of that.
Cover the top with Marshmallows.
Broil in the oven on low. Watch closely and take out of the oven when the marshmallows get golden brown.
Drizzle Chocolate Syrup on top and a  little powdered sugar. 

Serve. Delicious!!


flux biota. said...

this looks incredibly delicious.

jamie hixon said...

Did you figure it out on your own, or did they give you a recipe? That sounds and looks amazing.

T-Ray said...

I figured it out on my own. :)

Lori said...