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Monday, November 30, 2015

Today Was a Good Day Because...

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I kept a note on my phone everyday of why each day was a good day. Another way of recognizing things that I am thankful for. Now that the month is over (went by way too fast) I wanted to share my list.

Today Was a Good Day Because...

1 - The guy that works at Bath & Body Works told me that my eyebrows were on point.

2 - Got to go Jeeping in the Mountains with my friend Amber.

3 - Grandma came to Sunday dinner.

4 - I went on a good date.

5 - Danced my heart out in U-Jam class.

6 - Got a pedicure with my friend Desiree.

7 - Flew to Arizona for the weekend and ended up on the same flight as my friend and landed just in time to see a beautiful sunset.

8 - Didn't have to work and got to be lazy all day and hang out with my sister Jamie.

9 - Got to see my friend Stacey perform in Jesterz. Also after the show one of the guys from the show told me my outfit was on point.

10 - Got to sing with my sister Jamie.

11 - Only had to work for an hour because my flight was delayed and finally went through and organized my entire closet.

12 - My co-worker treated me to Sodalicious and Sugar Cookie.

13 - I watched the sunset at Utah Lake. It was beautiful.

14 - Had breakfast with my former Contracts team.

15 - I started working out with my new free personal trainer at work.

16 - I got to sleep in, but also got a lot accomplished with errands and cleaning.

17 - Hammocked at the park on a beautiful day (while they last).

18 - Worked out at the gym even though I didn't want to because it was freezing and snowing.

19 - My photography was appreciated by a picture of mine being featured on another Instagram account.

20 - Took Sierra to Sodalicious for her Birthday & hung out with Grandma and FaceTimed with my cousin Lisa.

21 - There was a GORGEOUS sunset that I watched from my office.

22 - Went to get ice cream, with my friends.

23 - Got my car cleaned inside and out (and waxed) and was flirted with by a 16 year old while I waited.

24 - Finally finished the video of the Philippines and Bali trip and my friends loved it.

25 - Spent my lunch break (2 hours) hanging out with my Grandma and cousin Lisa.

26 - My dad installed my new racks on my car.

27 - My sisters came into town!

28 - Perfect Thanksgiving with everyone together on my dad's side of the family. So special.

29 - Got to go to lunch and have Sodalicious with my cousins.

30 - Hiked with my sisters and got an awesome deal on a rug.

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jamie hixon said...

Good list, and a good idea.