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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 327

Is it a good sign or a bad sign if you don't remember what happened in the last week? Ha ha. I have had one of those weeks... so let me think about what I did.

I am still watching the show The OC. It's a stupid high school drama, but for some reason, I love those. What I am loving even more though is watching So You Think You Can Dance The Next Generation and America's Got Talent. SO entertaining. I think I am also easily entertained. So those shows are keeping me busy... along with The Bachelorette. For the first time in a long time, I actually like the Bachelorette. So that has been fun to watch so far. I miss having MacKenzie to watch these shows with though. Not quite as fun to watch them by myself. Nobody to make fun of them with me.

Speaking of Mackenzie, she planned to move out and be gone on Friday. She stayed up all night Thursday getting ready to do so. Friday she left... but apparently she didn't get that far. I ended up getting a text from her in the evening saying she didn't make it very far and was having car problems so she was turning back and asked if I wanted to hang out and watch a movie. Ha ha.. of course I said yes, so we watched a movie and had some treats and had a sleep over in the living like old times. She ended up leaving the next afternoon which I was still sad... but at least I got a little bit more time with her. Over the last couple of years she has become a close friend.

I also FINALLY put together my patio and bought plants and redid the garden. I meant to do it in May... it just rained so much that I never really wanted to. So nice to have my patio back.

Saturday I was just running errands. I got my hour of cardio in (which I usually don't want to do but trying to stick to the plan) and then my friend Becky text me saying she bought a new tent and wanted to test it out... so we got a few people together to go camping Saturday night. It was super short... but I always love to be out in nature. I didn't sleep too horrible... maybe because I brought my memory foam to sleep on since we were car camping. ha ha. Anyway, the bonfire got a little out of hand and a ton of people that we didn't want were there... but besides that, it was a nice little get away. And we were back in time to get ready for church. Kind of cool that we are that close to the mountains and great camping spots.

Sunday was church and dinner with the family as usual. Always a nice day. And my one day that I get a break from exercise.

Monday after work my friend Kyle and I went exploring up the canyon because I didn't meet with Josh (my personal trainer) because he was out of town... so I got my leg work out done on my lunch break at work and then had the evening to myself... which is always nice, so I wanted to take advantage of it. Thankfully, Kyle is always up for a good time. So we had fun exploring and chasing deer and I will blog more about it (with pictures) later.

Tuesday after my work out with Josh, I went home and had dinner and then had a date. A guy I met online. We didn't talk too much online because he was very adamant about just talking in person. Anyway... as soon as we met, he looked at me and said, haven't we met before? I looked at him and said, I don't think so. He told me he doesn't forget a face. Usually I don't either. When I told him where I lived and he asked me if I knew someone that used to live in that area... it all clicked. We had met before...a  couple of times. Years ago through a mutual friend's birthday party. He was still married at the time and his wife was even there the first time we met. I remember I thought he was weird.... so that made for an interesting date. I mean... I can talk, so that is never really a problem. Our conversation was fine, he took me on a motorcycle ride even though I was in a dress. I like motorcycle rides. The date was fine, but we haven't talked since and I don't think we will... and I am ok with that. ha ha.

Tonight I drove to Salt Lake to get my lashes done by my friend Ali. We always have a fun time talking. Over years of her doing my lashes... we have become pretty good friends.

Besides that... I have just been working out with Josh. I can't believe I have already been working out with him for 5 weeks. I haven't weighed myself since I have gotten back from my trip. I am always so afraid of the scale. I also haven't measured myself since before my trip, so I am not sure where I'm at.... but I can tell you that I can tell how much stronger I am and how much my endurance has increased. Josh isn't one for a lot of positive reinforcement... but I usually get it from the other girls that I work out with, which is nice. Josh does it sometimes. I am a ton stronger though. That is cool to see. I'm almost half way through... but really want to reach my goals... so I will probably sign up for another 12 weeks with him. We shall see when I get there. That is it. Weird that I feel like the gym has taken over my life. I never thought I would ever say that... but when you are going every day, sometimes twice a day... it's a lot. It's to the point where I wonder why I even get dressed, I should just live in my work out clothes. ha ha. Sad.

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jamie hixon said...

Hey- I say good for you. You are doing AWESOME with your personal trainer. Also, I can tell you that your eyelashes look amazing right now.