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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bio Bay, Vieques Puerto Rico

So one of the highlights of our time in Puerto Rico was Bio Bay on the island of Vieques. There are a few different Bio Bay's in Puerto Rico, but we were told that this one (Mosquito Bay) was the best. So of course that would be the one that we would go to.

I didn't bring my camera because I knew I wouldn't be able to capture it. Would have had to have a camera with long exposure and I knew trying would be a waste of time... so why not just live in the moment and soak it in and not try and document it? So that is what I did and I stole pictures from the internet. You know... so you could get the idea of what it was like.

We kayaked in the bay, we signed up for a tour that used clear bottom kayak's. That was so cool because as we would glide over the water, you could see the glowing bubbles streaming underneath us. We kayaked in the bay for an hour or so... I could never get over how amazing it was. I mean... I had seen bioluminescent dinoflagellates before. We have them in Santa Barbara... but not in mass like this. You could stick your hand in the water and it glowed! We were lucky enough that it sprinkled while we were kayaking. So every time a water drop would hit the water, it looked like the bay was glittering. It all just didn't seem like it should be real, like it should be a scene out of the movie Avatar. Seriously. We soaked it in and loved every minute of it. We could see the stars, the water was warm, the water was calm, it was a beautiful night and one of the most magical things that I have experienced. I would recommend it to everyone. If you are ever in Puerto Rico, it's a must!

Because it is hard to explain... I looked on Youtube to see if there were any video's. I found this video of the same place that I went to and the video shows EXACTLY what it looks like. Amazing experience!


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jamie hixon said...

That is so cool. Nice call on stealing photos from the internet. I think I've added something to my bucket list. :)