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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 330

Picking up where I left off last week.... Jamie was still in town, but was up at Aspen Grove with the Hixon clan. Before leaving they were back at my parents house one more night and were leaving Saturday morning, so Friday after work I went over to hang out for a bit before I went camping with Kyle and Whitney... which I already blogged about that mess, but we still had fun.

Saturday Kyle and I enjoyed the Uinta's and paddle boarded. SO pretty up there. I need to go again. Already blogged about that too... so yeah. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

When I got home from that and dropped off Kyle. I showered and then my friend Jared came over because he was in town for a wedding. I guess he lives in WI now and I didn't even know. Sad. Anyway... he got pictures and video from our Philippines trip finally. We had a good heart to heart about life and now I need to check back up on him weekly because he doesn't seem to be doing great. He is so fun though, I was glad he came over. We had a fun time chatting.

After Jared left, I drove to the University Mall movie theater to meet up with Amber and her BFF Kerr to see the movie "The Shallows". It's like a new generation Jaws. Kind of. It was entertaining, but I would have no desire to watch it again. It was a bit suspenseful, but in the end, pretty unrealistic. In a couple different ways... but I won't spoil the movie. A little bit of a Cast Away feel... just her the entire movie. Anyway... I always enjoy seeing movies.

Sunday, my friend Kyle asked me if I would be one of his model's in a photo shoot he was doing. I felt very out of place doing it. If you saw his other models... you would see why. I don't fit in. I don't have the body the others do. Maybe you will get to see if I ever get the see the pictures. Regardless it was fun and I made a couple new friends (which I always am doing when I am with Kyle). I'm honestly never too excited when I hang out with Kyle and I think it might just be the two of us and then he invites people I don't know... but they usually end up being cool, so I have learned to go with the flow a little bit more. Ha ha. So I had fun at the photo shoot... but I left early to go to family dinner... VERY late. Clara asked me to take some pregnancy photo's of her as well since she is about to have her baby and hasn't taken any pics of her pregnant. So  I did that for her. I will post those soon.

The rest of my week has been pretty boring actually. Monday - Wednesday I have gone to work, I work out on my lunch break and get in my cardio and then after work I work out with Josh, my personal trainer... then I got home and I'm tired and eat dinner and do nothing until I go to bed. Except Wednesday night I hung out with that guy Tyler again.

Tonight... I went to my trainer earlier so I could have the evening free. Why? My friend Kyle had his birthday dinner at Olive Garden. His birthday isn't until the 4th of July, but because it is on the 4th of July, he was celebrating early. Makes sense to me. I get that. I have a similar problem. Anyway. I told Kyle I would be there because he is my friend, but I knew I was going to feel out of place and a little intimidated. Why? Because Kyle is pretty much only friends with good looking people and with that usually comes attitude and an image complex. Don't get me wrong, individually everyone is really nice, but as a group... just is really shallow and not my favorite. So I wasn't really excited about the dinner, but if I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Kyle wanted me there, so I was there. I sat by two guys I didn't know at the end of the table. Being stuck at the end cuts you off from most of the socializing going on, bu thankfully... I can hold my own and the two guys that I sat next too were super cool and we had a great time talking and hey! I made two new friends. It's amazing that I can hang out with all these youngin's and they all think I'm cool and think I'm 26. I just go with it.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh Tracy- you fit right in! I get it, but seriously you could be 26, and you are totally beautiful.

You are always like "that is all that happened this week- so boring" and I'm like "wow, I'm tired just thinking about all the stuff you did." ;)