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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 326

What an exciting week! Such a fun vacation in Puerto Rico with Lexi. It was a nice break from work and a GREAT break from my personal trainer. ha ha.

I was a little nervous that taking a week off from my personal trainer would be a total set back. I haven't weighed myself... so maybe it was... but I really tried to make good decisions while I was there. I had salads where I could and didn't overeat... I actually was never hungry. We worked out one day... it was so hot and humid, it wasn't very fun to work out and sweat when you are already sweating just walking around... so yeah, that didn't last long, but we did hike and did a TON of walking. So I got exercise... it just wasn't personal trainer exercise. I had a few sweets... but again, I wanted to enjoy the vacation but not go overboard, and I think I did that. So I feel good about it. It helped that Lexi was being careful too... so she was good to travel with in that way as well. We even bought some groceries to save money and be healthier.

So, that being said, today was my first day back with my personal trainer. Starting back after a week being gone on my least favorite day. Cardio Circuit day. Yuck. I was expecting the worst... going back to working out after taking a week off is always hard. However, I was surprised that I didn't lose any progress. I was able to pick it right back up and stay on top of it and get right back in the game. So that made me happy. Now I'm back on plan with the diet and exercise and hopefully I will continue making progress. I will probably wait a week to weigh and measure myself again. The scale stresses me out. Especially when you work so hard, if I don't see the number I expect to see, then I get discouraged... but I don't want to stress about the scale. I want to focus on getting stronger and feeling good and getting in the best shape in my life... which might take a while.

I got home really late last night. It was a long travel day home... always is. Didn't get in to Salt Lake until midnight, took forever to get our backpacks and then we got a ride to Lexi's where my car was and then I had to drive home and unpack enough to get ready for bed... I didn't go to bed until 3am and then got up for work this morning. I'm glad I will only be at work for 2 days before the weekend because I will need to catch up on some sleep. We had a 4 hour layover in Dallas, ate at California Pizza Kitchen. It was a flashback of me and Stacey's long layover back from Brazil. We ate there also. It's also the time for all of the show's season finale's... and time for a few new shows... so while we were waiting for our flight I watched the first episode of America's Got Talent. LOVED IT. Not sure why I haven't been watching it in the past. I love Simon as a judge, so that was a push to watch.

So I will continue watching that... along with So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation. I'm just sad that I don't have MacKenzie to watch them with. That was always our thing... watching these shows together and then being able to talk about them. So now... we are watching them separate and then texting each other about it. Not quite the same, but better than nothing. It's going to be weird not having MacKenzie around. We had lived together for almost 3 years and someone I liked coming home to hang out with. Not that I haven't been through this before. I have been through his a million times before. The sucky part of being single that most people don't stick around in your life. So... here's to hoping that I get another cool roommate because I don't really love hanging out with the other two... so I think I will be going back to spending time in the basement when I am home.

Other than that... I am recovering from major sunburn. I'm peeling like a lizard and it's really gross. Everyone loves to comment about it, but I get it, it's very visible for everyone to see. I just need to run errands and do laundry and finish unpacking... usual coming back from trip stuff. I obviously have been blogging about the trip and have a little more to blog about so I don't know what else to say about it except that Lexi was a great travel buddy. We had been talking about traveling together for a while... even when she was married she wanted to do a weekend trip with me, but it never happened. It finally happened and it was great. I think I opened her up to a new way of traveling and she liked it. I was happy she was so open minded. We ended up meeting a lot of cool people on our trip as well. Our favorites that we ended up traveling with for 3 days were these 2 girls from New Zealand. They were the coolest. We loved hanging out with them... ended up sharing a hostel room a couple of nights and we went to the beach together and our last morning in Puerto Rico (yesterday morning) we went out to breakfast together. They were awesome and I really hope that our paths cross again... like one day when I go visit Australia and New Zealand. We also became friends with a lot of the people that worked at the Mango Mansion (where we stayed half of our trip) and people that stayed there... including Wade that went to the Indio Cave with us and I met this really attractive Australian guy, we hit it off. He wanted me to meet him in Cuba and go scuba diving with him... I wish. We did become Facebook friends though and I think I convinced him to visit Utah. Only time will tell. Cool guy though... and did I mention he was cute? ;)  On the other side of the spectrum... we also met a guy in one of our hostel's that kind of haunted us for the rest of our trip after meeting him. His name is Richard. He was traveling by himself from New York. Loved to hear himself talk and most of what came out of his mouth was negative. He followed the New Zealand girls their entire time in Puerto Rico... just asked them what their plans were and made it his plans too. Those poor girls were so sick of him by the end of the week. So when we decided to travel with the New Zealand girls... unfortunately we got Richard with them. He was social awkward and didn't quite pick up on social cues, bless his heart. He wore the same thing everyday... which included cargo shorts, a t-shirt, hiking shoes, a visor and a backpack with a yoshi hanging out the back. He would go off and do his own thing, but he would always find us around and the hover. I mean... we were always nice to him and it just became a funny joke throughout the rest of the trip. You just never know who you are going to meet when you travel.

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jamie hixon said...

Aw, poor Richard! I want to write a book about him. I would never expect someone with his personality to go on a vacation by himself. I'm glad you guys were nice to him. And let me know if the handsome Aussie makes plans to visit Utah. ;)