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Monday, June 6, 2016

Vieques, Puerto Rico

When we decided to go to Vieques after Culebra, we thought we would save some time a take a plane over to the other island instead of the ferry. Only $45 for a 10 minute BEAUTIFUL plane ride. We really just went to Vieques for Bio Bay... which I blogged about. Totally worth it, but even though it had a different feel than Culebra, I really enjoyed it. We relaxed on the beach all day... and one of my favorite parts of Vieques (besides Bio Bay) was that there were wild horses all over the island. We were chilling at the beach and would see tons of wild horses walking around. It was great. Loved it. OH! We also met these cute girls from New Zealand in our hostel on Culebra. They became our BFF's on the trip. We ended up hanging out for half of our trip. We traveled to Vieques together and shared a hostel room, hung out on the beach together and went back to San Juan together. We loved them and I hope that I can visit them in Australia & or New Zealand. We have been in touch since the trip. Great girls. That is another thing I love about traveling... the friends that I make from around the world. Like these girls.

My favorite was the plan ride over though. Tiny plane. Only 7 of us plus the pilot. It is so small they had to weigh all of us to know where to place each of us on the plane. It was a very short ride over, but it was gorgeous to see the islands from the sky. The color of the water was unreal. SOOOO beautiful, I loved every minute of it. Such a smooth flight too. This was another highlight of the trip for me. Another thing I would recommend to anyone going to Puerto Rico that wanted to visit the islands.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my goodness, they had to weigh all of you? Crazy! That is awesome that you randomly made really good friends. You are cool.