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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year Party

I am very aware that Chinese New Year was on February 3rd. However.... since Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days.... we figured we could pick one of the 15 days that was most convenient for us... and celebrate it then.

It all started back after Christmas break. My friend Jeanna had gone to China Town when visiting California and saw a crane and thought of me (since I am obsessed with folding paper cranes) and bought me one. When she came over to give it to me.... somehow we got on the discussion of Chinese New year and how it would be fun to celebrate it this year. Turns out there were a couple other people in the ward that wanted to celebrate as well because they served their missions over there and what not. So the party planning began!

I was in charge of decorating. Jeanna bought the awesome Chinese lanterns (which I wanted to have a lighting ceremony and float them in the pond at the park.... but I just didn't think it would work). I also made the sign, which if you look closely each of the letters has a rabbit in the background design because it is the year of the Rabbit.  After decorating, first thing on the agenda for the party was dinner. Stan and Erin made the food... which was awesome. Stan made the fried rice with veggies and chicken and shrimp in it. There was also cut pineapple AND Erin made stuffed dumplings... which I guess are a must for Chinese New Year. They were awesome.  We of course ate with chopsticks and of course had fortune cookies after dinner.

After we were done eating, we brushed our teeth with this bamboo toothpaste that Jeanna bought at the Asian market. She is a Dental Hygienist so..... she didn't want us neglecting our oral hygiene.

Then it was time to celebrate with fireworks. Okay... I have no idea where you can buy fireworks this time of year... but it so happened that when I was cleaning out all the stuff in my living room preparing for it to become a real living room.... going through my stuff I discovered sparklers and a few other fireworks. So we did that. Everyone had fun. Even people that were not at the party joined us. Fireworks just draw people in. One of those people was my good friend Rob. I know its weird.... but we give each other bird hugs..... so that is what that picture is about in case you are wondering. Anywho... even though sparklers are not that big of a deal, we still had a lot of fun with them.

After fireworks Erin wrote our names in Chinese. This is my name. Then she gave it to me and I was supposed to try and copy it. Mine is on the bottom..... not that great.... I know.

After that we watched a Chinese movie called "Secret". I was actually surprised how much I liked it and if you are in the mood for reading subtitles... I would recommend this movie. Kind of a love story like "Somewhere in Time" except Chinese and awesome piano music. I actually really want the soundtrack to this movie.

At this point its almost midnight and the party ended. I had a lot of fun celebrating Chinese New Year. Not sure why I have not done it before.


jamie hixon said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I love me some foreign films with good music.
Also, that looks like a way fun party. I also love me some asian food.
Also, I thought you said "Satan and Erin made some food...." and I thought, "What?"

Kayleigh said...

Yum! And fun! I looooove Chinese food, it's my favorite kind. Aren't those panda things so weird? They're cute though... If I was a kid I think I'd ask for them all the time. The bird hug thing makes me laugh. So random!