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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nicole's Wedding

Remember the cute Winter Bridal Shower that I blogged about last month? The one that was so cute that it made it to my top 10 most viewed posts on my blog?  Well, that friend (Nicole) got married today.

The reception was beautiful. I'm sorry these pictures are not great of me.... but its all about the bride anyway. I went with my tutoring and temple BFF Sara and had a good time eating yummy food and chatting with my other good friends Nicole, Aileen & Jayna.

Here is the cute couple dancing in the beautiful reception center in American Fork.  Towards the end of the reception they had dancing. I may have taken over the dance floor and dancing it up to Thriller, The Macarana and Cotten Eye Joe. We requested Single Ladies... but I don't think he had it.

This picture makes me laugh. Aileen and Jayna are holding up Nicole's arms in victory for getting married. To us older singles... we really do consider it a HUGE victory because we have all been single for so long.

Here I am with the Beautiful Bride Nicole.

And with the rest of my friends at the reception. It was beautiful. It was great to see friends. Most of all I am very Happy for Nicole and Darren and wish them the best. Congrats Nicole!


Nicole said...

Very cute post! You looked so cute last night.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Great pics, love your sweater and so fun to see the Nicoles again!

jamie hixon said...

So pretty.
It would have been hilarious to play "single ladies" at a wedding.

Nicole said...

Tracy, you are the beautiful one!! Thanks for the post and for your friendship and for your amazing dance skills! You ripped it up on the dance floor that night! Love ya!!!!!