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Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday 1

Welcome to my first Flashback Friday. Every Friday I will be blogging about anything that happened in my life before I started blogging, which was March 2008. These posts will be anything from trips to something really funny that happened once. I don't know... we will just have to see how I am inspired over the weeks. :o)

Here we go. My first flashback takes us back to January 2006 in Malibu California. One of my best guy friends, Steve and I are both from California... so for Christmas break, there were a couple of times that we got together and hung out while we were home and would drive back to Utah together. Heaven forbid me and those boys went without seeing each other or talking on the phone over the two week Christmas vacation. ha ha. Seriously... we were that tight.

This particular time we decided to meet in Malibu and do a little rock climbing and repelling at Point Dume. This cliff that people rock climb on is a 100 ft cliff right next to the ocean... which in my opinion makes it seem even higher. I was sick at the time (funny... I'm sick right now) and so I was sneezing constantly. Because of this I didn't want to rock climb. A couple other friends from our ward at the time met up with us there... so after they all rock climbed, Steve told me I should at least repel down the cliff. So I agreed. I had repelled before and didn't remember it being too scary. The cliff didn't look that high... so I agreed and Steve and I walked to the top of the cliff. It was an amazing view on a beautiful California Winter day. When Steve and I got to the top we saw some dolphins swimming by. It was amazing. As I got my gear on to repel down this cliff... it was looking higher and higher and I was starting to talk myself out of going.

Steve was really patient with me and told me I didn't have to go down, but told me it was safe and that he would help me down the first little bit and that he would be there cheering me on. I could tell he thought I was a wimp and wanted me to just go or not go, but he was sweet and talked to me for as long as I needed. Its true... I am kind of a wimp when it comes to scary things. You should have seen me before I went parisailing. I am always glad that I do these things. I just need a little push getting me to do them. So here we are at the top of the cliff and Steve talking me through the whole thing and helping me down the first part of the cliff. He is such a good friend to me.

I was only wearing flip flops, so I went down barefoot. I just tried not to look down... but I started to do it and was doing well. When I got to the middle of the cliff there were some guys rock climbing beside me. When we were at the same level they looked at me and said, "Isn't this an amazing view?". So I looked over  and again realized how high up I was, being held by a rope with Steve at the top cheering me on and a couple of my friends cheering me on at the bottom. I was still a little scared, but I was half way there and was feeling good.

I finally made it to the bottom. You can see in the picture below how happy I was. Not only was I happy to be on the ground again, but also happy because I had fun and happy because I got out of my comfort zone and did something that scared me a little. Conquered my fears. To me... that is always a good feeling. I had the same feeling when I got done parisailing in Cabo. It was a great moment. I also recommend Point Dume for anyone who enjoys rock climbing. Its beautiful.

Here I am with Steve. He is such a good friend to me.


Lynette Mills said...

I remember that!!

jamie hixon said...

... I don't.
But now I will.
Ah the advantages of Flashback Friday. ;-)

Desiree' said...

YAY for flashback fridays. I'm glad you're here to keep them alive since I've been such a slacker on doing any for months. you've inspired me though. I'll have to start them back up again. :)