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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goodbye Gypsy

They gave me 8 days longer with my background than they said they would. They let me hold on just a little bit longer to the background that I love. Now I have to say Goodbye to Gypsy (name of my background) and put something in its place so you could read my blog..... until I find something else that I love. I will be pondering a new look for my blog.

I will miss you Gypsy!


jamie hixon said...

Um, find a new one soon... your current background has math on it.

Lori said...

I guess i need to do the same... although, they didn't give me any warning like they did for you. That's not fair!

T-Ray said...

Oh but they did Lori. They warned everyone that they were switching servers.... they had a little banner sign at the top of your blog for almost a month. At least your background is still available... mine was not, which is why I had to choose a new one. I can help you get it back if you need me.