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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 54

I have been doing "Photo of the Week" and "Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet" for a year now. Crazy. I know. I guess time flies when you are taking pictures and confessing every week. I have the poll to see what weekly post I should add to my blog. The pole is not over.... but so far Friday Flashbacks is winning. So.... maybe I should just start doing that starting this week. I got the Friday Flashback's idea from my friend Desiree and I really loved it. Thought about copying her back when she first started it... but just wasn't sure if I wanted the pressure of another weekly post. I'm pretty sure I can handle it though... and lets be honest.... I love to think about great and happy times in my life. So get ready to know Tracy Pre-Blogging days.

I ALMOST got through this Winter without getting sick. Every time I would mention how lucky I was for not getting sick, I even made sure to knock on wood. Is it possible to go through Winter without getting sick when the bug goes around to pretty much everyone you know and come in contact with? I really thought I was going to make it this year. When my roommates got sick I took airborn and stayed away from them. I totally dodged the bug in my own house. Somehow Sunday morning I woke up with a soar throat. Defeated. I would say that I don't know where I got it from... but I am pretty sure I do. I would also have to say that I brought it upon myself... so I probably can't complain. In the meantime I have not gone anywhere besides work and when I am at work I keep my office shut and cough all day long. All night long too while I toss and turn. I will be pretty happy when its over, but I am also glad it is not worse. OH!!! My roommate just reminded me. I am sick because I have not been looking myself in the mirror every morning telling myself not to be sick. My bad.

Speaking of my roommate, she had never seen Alias all the way through, so I said I would watch them with her because I own them all. Because I LOVE that show and never get sick of watching it. We are on Season 2 right now. My favorite season. :o)

Remember last week when I talked about dancing a lot? Well I did some more on Saturday. This time though, it was only me and my Tutoring and Temple BFF Sara. She just got a Wii and her first game purchase was "Just Dance 2" which she invited me to come over and play with her after we went to the wedding reception. I knew that I would love it and get addicted right away. I knew this because I loved playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Anyway, I was more than excited to play. We had so much fun dancing that we might have played the ENTIRE game that night. We took a couple breaks... but to dance to every single song on the game, it took us about 2 1/2 hours. It was quite the work out. We were both sweating.... also laughing and having a great time. What an awesome game. I was the first one to break 10,000 points on her game. I can't wait to play "Just Dance 1" with her when she gets it.

Also remember how I told you about Country Dancing boy last week... you know, the one I had a dance crush on and we danced like 5 songs in a row and he didn't get my number and I was all kinds of irritated? Well.... case #2 happened on Friday. I went to see "Unknown" with a couple of friends. It was opening weekend so we got there 20 minutes or so early. Seats were running out so we were in the last row of the front section of the theater. This cute guy shows up and asks us if the seats on the other side of my friend were taken. We said no. Then he sees me and asks if the seats next to me was taken. We say no so he comes and sits next to me and saves a seat for his friend. He starts talking to me and we start a conversation / flirting. After we had been talking a while I finally ask him what his name is and tell him mine. I have been wondering how to take apps off of my phone. I first asked my friends if they knew how to do it.... they didn't, I decided to ask the cute guy next to me. He says absolutely so I give him my phone and he starts to show me as we both lean in to each other. It was magical really (ok, I'm just trying to be funny... but there was flirting going on). Even throughout the movie he would look over and smile at me or say my name to get my attention to tell me something. At the end of the show he says "Well, it was nice to meet you, have a good night" and peaced out of the theater. Just like that. I didn't expect him to ask for my number as much as my dance crush... but I still don't see why not. If you are going to flirt with me the entire time we are in the theater and exchange  flirty glances all night long... might as well go out once. I just think its refreshing to meet new guys because I don't get that opportunity all the time. You usually just meet guys at work (which I really don't) or in your ward.... so why not take these rare opportunities and just roll with it? That is all I want to know. Just sayin.


Lori said...

Did you check to see if he secretly put his number into your phone while he was helping you with your apps?? Maybe you should get the number yourself next time.

Lynette Mills said...

That's what I think too... be brave Tracy

Aileen said...

WHHHHHHHAAAATTTTT?!!!! Did you know that Jayna and I are uber Alias fans? Her and I are JG stalkers. We should get together and talk. It's a shame we didn't know this before. Actually, in one of your previous posts I saw your Alias collection and told Jayna and we agreed to talk to you about it.

jamie hixon said...

Oh, boys.
Alias was good. I kinda didn't like the ending of it. But I really enjoyed the beginning.
Sorry you got sick. I managed to dodge whatever was going around my cast. Phew!
Just dance is super fun! I felt bad playing it with my niece though because I was just SMOKING her and it was my first time playing.

Desiree' said...

Are you sure movie guy didn't add himself into your phone when you weren't looking? THAT would be a cooler end to the story. You should check on that and let me know. :)
I love that you partially credit getting sick to not talking to yourself in the mirror. That's gotta be it.
I'm flattered you loved and started the flashback Friday.

THE LIZARD'S said...

oh this happens to my other single freinds all the time! I think guys are more like..waiting for the girl to do some chasing or they are NOT GETTING IT! I think that girls are so forward now that they dont want to do any work sometimes! so, BOOO to these guys who dont really make an effort..unless they already have gf and they are just not interested...but then why flirt??!! ahhh..im so confused too.

Kayleigh said...

WTH is the deal with all these lame guys?!