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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 53

This month, I have been dancing. I forgot how much I love it. I had not gone out dancing in over a year maybe two years, probably because my previous experiences of going out dancing have not been the best. Well, except for my tap class. Its not the I have not liked dancing before... it was just that I would go out dancing and there were too many girls and not enough guys and I would just stand on the side waiting to be asked. I hated it. When I had a boyfriend for over a year we went dancing a couple times and I thought it would be great because I had a permanent partner, but it still wasn't a great experience. He only knew so many different moves so he would get frustrated that he couldn't do more (even though I didn't care) and then it wasn't fun anymore. Another time I danced with another guy because I was asked when he was gone and well.... he wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the weekend. Needless to say these bad experiences have not made me want to go back anytime soon. After  two years... it was time to give it another try. First Saturday of this month I went to Salt Lake City with my friend Stacie to go clubbing. I know clubbing sounds bad, but we just go to dance to hip hop music. Nothing bad, don't worry. We had a blast. Dancing in heels for 3 hours is a great work out. Getting picked up on by guys is a great self esteem booster. Lets be honest, I feel good when I get picked up on by random guys. Guys in Provo don't do that as much. Last Thursday I went Salsa dancing with my good friend and old roommate Allyson. Also a blast. Salsa dancing doesn't come naturally to me by any means, but I still had so much fun. We went early to learn how. We went with a couple of guys so we had partners. I had so much fun. One of the guys that we went with had gone many times before and was really good. He was a lot of fun to dance with. Last night, I went country dancing! I wanted to meet more guys and my neighbor Stan suggested I go with him and a few others next time they went Country dancing and I committed right then and there that even if I didn't want to... I would go. If I commit, I don't mess around. You better believe I wore plaid and jeans and wore cowboy boots. People. I don't know if you know this or not, but I don't love country music. However... if there is dancing involved, I get into it hard core. So we got there for the last part of the instruction, we had 3 girls and 2 guys... sadly. At first we took turns dancing with the two guys which had you waiting on the sides for every 3rd song. I thought..... this is fine, this will give me the chance for new guys to ask me to dance. In the beginning no new guys were asking me to dance and I was getting frustrated thinking that it was going to be like every other time I have gone. I guess this was good at first because the two guys I came with were teaching me steps because they have gone many times. Then as the night went on and more people came I started getting asked almost every dance... by like 5 different guys in between dancing with the guys that I came with. I had SOOOO much fun!!!!

Most of the guys were weird that asked me to dance but they could dance... so I didn't care.... I just love dancing. One of the guys that asked me to dance told me his job was to create facebook games. He was telling about one he created that has to do with dancing zombies or something like that? However, there was this one guy that was pretty cute AND the best dancer out of all the guys that I danced with that night (including the guys I came with) and maybe that made him more attractive. I danced with him once and had SO much fun. He ended with a big dip that lifted me up and put me in the air. I'm telling you... this guys was good. At the end of our dance I told him thank you for asking me and that I had so much fun and then I left to the other side of the room to get a drink of water with my friend. He came and found me and asked me if he could steel me and be his partner while he tried to teach his friend. That had us dancing together for another two dances. Then a slow song came and he asked me to dance again and so we got to talking and kept dancing into the next slow song. So... that was 5 dances and maybe I started to develop a dance crush on him. We were both flirting hard core and at the end of the slow dance...... HE DIDN'T ASK FOR MY NUMBER!!! There was lingering from both of us... and so I just said thanks again and he went on dancing with other girls. Why would you dance with me 5 songs in a row and come find me in the crowd and NOT get my number. Please tell me? I was kind of irritated. I could have danced with that guy all night. You think I need to go back and try and find him next week? ha ha. I am pretty sure he goes regularly. My friends even noticed how long we were dancing together and they figured he got my number. He was also nice enough to tell me (after I told him I had not been in almost 2 years) that I was a total natural and seemed like I had been dancing for years. In fact all of the guys I danced with thought I was a great dancer and did a lot better than most of the girls that they had been dancing with. This also made me feel good and want to go back for more.

Regardless, I still had a lot of fun. So much fun with all of the dancing I have been doing that I think I need to put 20 bucks aside every month just to go dancing. Its about 5 bucks to get into each place to go dancing. Dancing is SO much fun. It makes me happy, I love music, its great exercise AND gives me a chance to meet more people while doing something that I love. I don't know why it took me so long to go back! If anyone wants to go dancing.... let me know. :o) Next I need to go Ballroom dancing, which is awesome because they just opened up a place in Provo that does Ballroom so we don't have to drive to Murray to do it anymore.

I have been in such a great mood this month. I think I am finally starting to get out of my Winter Depression. I have started eating healthier and exercising more and being more social. All of this = Happy Tracy. Just Sayin.

This is a great time to get away from the blues since it is the month of love. Nobody wants to be down in the month of love. I just like to be happy and having fun. The End. Speaking of Love.... since the first part of my post was dedicated to confessing my love of dancing, I think I will dedicate the rest of this post to things that I love... in honor of Valentines Day.

I Love....

My Family (this includes extended family and in-laws and nieces & nephews to make my list a little shorter)
The Church (everything about it... to make my list a little shorter)
My Job
My Phone
My eyelashes
Being Happy
My friends
The beautiful world we live in
Hot Bubble baths
Folding cranes
Throwing parties
Make up
Getting my hair done
Sleeping In
Pay Day
Accomplishing something I didn't think I could
Being around people that think I am cool
The Beach
Rock Band
Pretending to be a Model
Having and being a pen pal (or email pal)
Blasting music in my car and singing at the top of my lungs
Getting to play for work
Accomplishing my goals
Feeling confident
Being a girly girl
Being spontaneous
Having a great relationship with my sisters
Rock N Rose
Being clean organized
Being a Social Butterfly

Okay.... I could go on and on. I love so many things. But I will stop there. I love all of you too.... thanks for reading my blog. :o)


Lynette Mills said...

so happy to hear about your country dance experience! Go Back!!

Jennica said...

I love this. And I love your love list. What a brilliant way to celebrate Valentines! That's right. I said you are brilliant! Love ya!

jamie hixon said...

Tracy, you are such a fun gal! I'm glad you have committed to dancing more, I wish I could. That country dancer is probably kicking himself that he didn't ask for your number.

Lori said...

I love that the third thing on your love list is nutella ... and you don't have to pretend you are a model- you are!
Glad you are dancing- i love dancing too!

rachel v. said...

yay, I'm glad you had so much fun! what an awesome thing to do with your fun-time. I love your love list :)

Kayleigh said...

That guy is a total putz!!

Desiree' said...

I don't like country music either, but I love the dancing. Go figure. One more way that we're TOTALLY alike. :) I loved your love list and love basically all of those things as well. And yes! Go back and find that boy and country dance the rest of your lives away. :)