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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 369

It's amazing how fast the weeks go by and how much I want to get accomplished and how much I don't end up getting accomplished. I wish I was more motivated when I got home from work to tackle projects like dejunking. I really wanted to focus on dejunking this year... so far I haven't done too much of it. I really need to work on that.

Since I left the last confession, Friday after work Candice and I and her mom (who I also used to work with) went to bowl of heaven to get some dinner and then headed to the movie theaters to see "Life" which gave me major anxiety. It is a space movie... which already gives me anxiety and then add the suspense of an unknown growing alien that is killing each passenger on the space ship one by one... I turned away...a  lot. So did Candice. It was kind of funny actually.

Saturday was General Conference day. So I was home all day watching conference for 4 hours. In between sessions, I sold my bed to an old ward friend since I had my new bed I bought on amazon waiting in a box along with the frame I bought waiting in a box to be build. I just needed to sell my other bed first. So I did and that was exciting. I was just hoping that I wouldn't regret it because I hadn't tested out my new bed... I had only read great reviews. So lets hope those reviews are true because my other bed was so soft and comfy. I just don't think it was the best for my back... I needed something a little more firm. You know?

Later I met up with Kyle at Utah Lake with a couple of his friends. The plan was to paddle board.. but it was way to windy and there was no way I was going to paddle board. However we had fun hanging out at the lake for a bit. I met these guys that took a school bus and converted it into a little bachelor pad and were traveling across the US. They were both from New York.

Later that night I asked my dad to come over and put together my new bed frame. He is great at that sort of thing and I can tell you right now that I wouldn't have been able to put that thing together myself. Once it was put together, I was really happy with it. Looks really nice and it will be nice to have something more sturdy than that metal adjustable frame that I had before. I was excited to have the new frame and to finally take my new bed out of the air tight bag and try out my new bed. So we did... and QUICKLY found out it was the wrong size. Way too big. This turned into a week long bed drama with Amazon which I will do a separate blog post for. I did sleep on it that night though and it was comfortable, so at least I didn't have to worry about that anymore.

Sunday was another day of General Conference. It was great as it always is. After the last session I went over to my parents house for dinner and we celebrated Irelyn's 5th birthday... which I already blogged about. After leaving my parents house I met up with Drew & Sammy (the guys that I met on my Iceland trip) and we hung out and exchanged pictures and video and such. They are so fun and it was fun to see them again.

Monday after work I went running... it is finally warm enough to run outside after work. And I NEED to start running. Yes, I work out in the gym with Jack... so I am strong... and I have been doing interval running, so I am not totally out of shape.. but I haven't run outside in a long time and I am out of shape. It sucks. I hate feeling out of shape... which I usually feel, which is why exercise has never been really fun for me. However, I am going to keep at it even though I hate it.

After I got back from running and had some dinner, I headed over to Julia's house for a little singing session. I showed her a song that I wrote after getting back from Iceland that was inspired by Iceland. She loved it which made me happy because it just came to me and I was happy with it... which doesn't happen very often. What is also typical of me is that I come up with the lyrics and not the music... so I still need to do that, but at least I am happy with the lyrics right?

Tuesday after work I went up to Salt Lake to take Irelyn out for her birthday (which I also already blogged about) which was fun. After I hung out with Chad and Clara for a little bit and helped with the bedtime routine for Irelyn and Calvin and said goodnight and gave them hugs and kisses.

After I left their house I headed to this guys place. We had been talking for a little bit and he had been wanting to hang out and he just so happened to live 5 minutes away from Chad and Clara... so I went over there and we went out and chatted for a couple hours. He was a nice guy. A LOT younger than me, but a nice guy. Good company. Will we see each other again. Probably not. Nice time though.

Yesterday after work I went running again. Back at it. A little easier than Monday... but still hard. I have a ways to go. Not much went on besides that besides some meal prep for my dinner party I had tonight.

Which leads me to tonight. After work I headed home and cooked cooked cooked. I had a dinner party for my crew. I love getting us all together for a dinner party. It gets me cooking and it gets us all together and it makes for a good time. I did a Middle Eastern Dinner Party this time obviously inspired by my recent trip. I would love to tell you more about it... but you will just have to wait for my post about it. Stay tuned...

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