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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 370

I already blogged about getting together with Justine to have lunch and paint with Bob Ross... which was totally fun and I would love to do it again. Later that night I had plans to get together with MacKenzie and get dinner and watch a movie. Rachel had also text me wanting to get together so I told her to join MacKenzie and I because she is easy going and I knew she wouldn't care.  So we went to Bam Bam's for some good BBQ food and then watched "Arrival" which they had both not seen yet. I had already seen it. I saw it in the theater with Josh when it came out in December. However... It was one of those movies that I wanted to watch it again because it had a twist on the end where I thought... wait... how did I miss that? I need to watch it again now. I liked it. Definitely understood it a lot better the second time around. After we finished watching the movie, we ended up talking into all hours of the nights... which MacKenzie and I tend to do very easily. I think Rachel left around 4am and MacKenzie and I continued talking for another hour. I know... we are crazy and both night owls. We aren't good for each other. It is probably a good thing that she moved out. Even though I miss her a lot. At least she is right up the street.

Sunday I had dinner with the family as usual.

Monday it was back to work. The weekends always go by too quickly.

Tuesday it was work and then I went over to Natalie's house to get my eyelashes filled. She is pregnant... so I am already thinking about who I am going to go to when she has the baby. Ha ha.. hopefully it will only be for one month. Anyway... I miss Ali and our trade... but Natalie is great too. I thankfully already knew her and had a relationship with her from when Ali first moved to Salt Lake before we started trading. They both do an amazing job which is the important part and Natalie lives in Provo! So she is so close which is an extra bonus.

Wednesday night I packed for California! I always get happy when I get to go to California. Even when it isn't going home to Santa Barbara. This time it is to go see my cousin and her family.... so I am excited for that.

Today, I didn't have to go to work because I flew to California. I flew in to Long Beach and my Uncle Carl picked me up and drove me to San Clemente. As soon as I got there, Lisa and I were in the car and drove to her 3 oldest boys Swim meet for the next 3 hours. Brett met us there and we all chatted while we watched the boys swim. It was fun... anything is fun when I'm not working. Is that sad? I don't hate work... but not working is even better. Then we got some dinner and hung out the rest of the night with the kiddos. It will be a busy visit... but it will be a good visit. I will update with activities soon.

Stay tuned.

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