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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Irelyn's 5th Birthday

I seriously can't believe that Irelyn is already 5. All of my nieces and nephews are growing up SO fast. It makes me feel old and quit honestly it scares me a little bit. It scares me because not only am I getting old but also running out of years to have kids myself and even if I do have kids... all of my siblings will most likely be done having kids and they won't have any cousins their age. This is what older single people think about. However, I keep the smile and try not to think about it and just love my nieces and nephews.

It was fun to watch Irelyn open her presents and blow out her candles. This girl has a lot of facial expressions and I am not always quite sure what they mean... but I am pretty sure she was super excited for her birthday and felt like a princess.

Happy Birthday Irelyn. You sure are a sweet girl that has a great smile, gives great hugs, brings laughter and a lot of love into the family. Love you lots. Happy Birthday!

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