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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Potato Chip Rock

One of the many things that I love about Lisa and Brett is that even though their lives are CRAZY busy with a young family of 9 kids... they still take time out to hang out with me and make me feel special and important. They are always down for an adventure and love that I introduce them to new places that they didn't know about... even in their own area.

Potato Chip Rock had been on my list for a long time. It is in San Diego, but that is only an hour drive from where they live and they had both never heard of it but thought it sounded awesome... so they were down for the adventure. So the 3 of us and their second daughter (Courtney) took off on Saturday for our hike.

Not going to lie, the hike was rated as difficult and I could see why. It was pretty much straight uphill the entire way up the mountain. It was a warm day, but we had a nice breeze which was nice. Online, it said the hike was 7 or 8 miles round trip. I don't think that was true... I think it was a lot shorter. Which I am not mad about. It was a cool hike though that had some nice views and some HUGE boulders.

When we finally made it to Potato Chip rock, what I wasn't expecting was the HUGE line to get pictures on the rock. Seriously... it was just as bad as waiting for a ride at Disneyland. We waited for over an hour. I have my theories of why it took people so long and that it could have gone a lot faster if I were up there directing traffic... but oh well. I did the best I could once I was up there and that was all I could do.

Once we got up there, we had fun taking our pictures. The rock really does look like a potato chips and it totally looks like it is going to break by standing on it. Such a cool and unique rock. Glad I got to check that off my bucket list and with my fun cousin. :)

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