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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Camping at Buffalo Peak

I have been wanting to camp at Buffalo Peak for a while. Kyle wanted to as well. We finally found a time to make it work. Sadly it was super crowded up there... but luckily... we found a spot away from everyone with an AMAZING view.

Kyle invited some friends... all guys.... so it was me camping with  5 guys. It would be more awesome for me if 3 of those guys were not in high school. Yeah... Kyle hangs out with high schoolers. Tucker is awesome though and he decided to share my tent with me. Not mad since he didn't snore.

Before going to bed, we sat around the fire chatting and of course we played with the camera and lights. We had a blast doing that.

In the morning... Kyle woke me up early because there were hot air balloons floating over the valley. We had no idea that the Freedom Festival had started. It was such a beautiful site to wake up to. Man, I love camping. I seriously would do it every weekend if I could find people to go with me. There is something about sleeping under the stars and waking up to fresh crisp air out and beautiful nature. Just focusing on the simple things....  ah... I love it.

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