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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 377

Man! Another week. They sure pass by quickly don't they?

Friday... because it was the start of a 3 day weekend, the company let us off work early. I got to leave at 2, which was awesome. Stacey had invited me over for a late lunch at his house. So I went to him place after work. He made me lunch. How sweet is that. He enjoys cooking and he enjoys sharing which I always appreciate. I ended up staying for 3 1/2 hours while we caught up on life and made plans for our next trip together at the end of the year and just laughed and had a great time like we always do.

After leaving Stacey's house I went straight over to MacKenzie's house. It was time to get together with MacKenzie, Allison and Daniel to get dinner and sodalicious and catch up on Blacklist. It's a fun little tradition that we have going. I enjoy it  not only because I enjoy the show but it is a great excuse for us all together together and catch up and hang out.

Saturday I didn't do much. I did however run 9 miles. What? I know. I didn't do that just for fun. I am training for a half marathon coming up. Last time I ran a half marathon I didn't train AT ALL. So..... I figured I should train a little more this time. That took me a couple of hours... wish I enjoyed it. Then it wouldn't seem like such a long couple hours. Anyway... I relaxed the rest of the day... not used to running that much. I did alright though, which made me worry a little less for my race.

Monday was the Holiday. Wish I would have had more plans... but I was happy to have the day off and I did spend some time outside which always makes my day better. I already blogged about it and how I spent time with a douche bag that made me feel like garbage which just fed into the depression I was already feeling... which was awesome... but let's move on from that since I already blogged about it. It was to terrible for me to repeat that.

Tuesday after work I got my lashes filled by Natalie. Sad that I don't have my trade anymore with Ali, but Natalie is great too and she lives closer. Anyway, we always have fun catching up while she fills my lashes.

Wednesday I went on an awesome date. Really handsome guy with an awesome personality and a lot of common interests. He seemed to show a lot of interest back... all touchy feely... inviting me to go camping and hiking with him. But lo and behold, I text him after the date and he still hasn't text me back so I don't think I will be hearing from him ever again. This is why it is hard for me to get my hopes up... even when the date goes well. It's probably because I'm not a size 2.

After the date I got together with my neighbor, Josh. We have toyed with the idea of getting a place together because we know we could handle each other as roommates. Both clean and easy going and love plants. Ha ha... that is good enough right? We have a similar budget... but it is hard to find anything that is cheap. This is why I want to live in a  tiny house.

So TODAY... I after work I came home to get the mail and find a surprise gift from my sister, Jamie. She sent me a passion journal to help me accomplish my goals and help me get out of my depression that I am stuck in by taking action on the things I am not happy about. Thanks Sis. Later Kyle called me and told me he had something for me as well that he got on his trip to Cali. So I went over to see him and get the gift. It was a lens for my phone! Makes it s wider angle. How cool is that? I see myself using it a lot especially on vacation. So sweet of him to think of me and get it for me. He is a good friend.  I'm thankful I have a few of those.

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