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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 379

Since I already blogged about most of my happenings this week... I think this will be pretty short.

Friday was Irelyn's dance performance. Cute... but long. It is just a bummer that you have to sit through 2 hours of dances to watch the 2 minute one that you want to see. Oh well. I probably wouldn't have cared so much had I not had my Half Marathon VERY EARLY the next morning.

So... I didn't get a good dinner and went to bed later than I wanted which is what I am going to blame on me not being able to finish the half marathon sooner. I was hoping to finish in 2 1/2 hours... but I finished in just a little under 3. Or we could blame it on the fact that I didn't train as much as I should have. Either way... maybe next time I do one I will have a better time. I think I improved on my time since the first one. Plus.... the biggest improvement was that I wasn't sore after the race or the next day. I credit that to all the weight lifting. I am stronger than I look.

In fact, after a nap and shower... later that evening I went to Summerfest with Kyle. I didn't want to miss fireworks! I love them. We ran into some friends and walked around and enjoyed a beautiful summer night and some awesome fireworks.

Sunday I was SUPER excited because my cousin Lisa and her family were in town. They invited me over to the cabin along with my cousin Dave and his family to hang out and have a yummy grilled dinner. I LOVE spending time with my cousins. They are the best.

Monday after work I picked up my new bag my friend Sarah made for me. Perfect Travel bag. I am super excited. After picking up the bag... Heather asked me if I would go with her to see a friend perform in a Niel Diamond cover band. I actually was surprised by how many of the songs I knew and guessed before they were performed. I was glad that we sat in the back corner by ourselves... because I we were laughing and singing along... I was cracking jokes and trying to be funny. I don't consider myself to be very funny... but Heather thinks I am hilarious so that makes me feel pretty cool. Ha ha. Anyway... It wasn't the best concert I have ever been to, but we had a good time.

So while my cousin was in town, so was my sister, Jamie. So I took turns on different nights hanging out with both of them. So Tuesday night, I went to my parents house to visit with Jamie and Dan and their kids and of course the rest of my family that was there. We just hung out and chatted as we normally do.

Wednesday night after work, I went to my sister Kristy's house for dinner. I ate and hung out with the family for a while, but then headed to the cabin to hang out with the cousins again. We had snacks and played cards... even though I hate playing games... they made me play this card game that I didn't understand or care about... but I still won. Not sure how that worked out. Anyway... anything is fun with the cousins.

Guess that brings us to today. Work Work Work. Then to my parents house to hang out with Jamie again.

Good week. I love spending time with my family and I am so glad that I have so many of them here this week. Just hate splitting my time between them. I prefer when they come at different times so I can spend as much time as possible with each. Oh well... make the best out of it I can.

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jamie hixon said...

It's funny to read about a DIFFERENT time when I visited after getting home from visiting again. Haha. Well, heaven knows I'M not up to date with my blog.