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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Basel, Switzerland

My LAST day in Switzerland. Not even a full day... more of a half day. Sad day. I was sad to leave Switzerland. I spent my last day in Basel because I was flying from Basel to Morocco. Since Alessandra and Deb both don't live near Basel, I thought I would be there a lone. The night that Roman dropped me off at the hostel I booked, I was a lone. It just so happens that Alessandra went to art school in Basel and was having a graduation party the night that Roman dropped me off. He invited me to go to her party with him, but I didn't want to impose on family time. It was sweet of him to offer though and I know Alessandra wouldn't have mind. Anyway... since she had her party that night... she partied late enough that she spent the night at a friends house in Basel. What did that mean? That I got to spend my last hours in Switzerland with Alessandra. I was thrilled. These girls were there for me even when they were busy with their life. They went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and saw the most I could in my time there and had the best time while I was there. I am forever grateful to them for that. All I did was let them sleep at my house one night and I could even hang out with them the next day. I so wish they would come back to Utah so I could give them the same treatment that they gave me. Maybe one day... but I am really thankful that I decided to host them while they were here last minute. Best couch surfing decision I ever made. I made life long friends because of it.

Back to my last day in Switzerland. Alessandra met up with me at the bus station to show me around Basel after I checked out of my hostel and before getting on a bus to the airport. She took me to this beautiful church, Basel Minster. This is one of the main landmarks and tourist attractions in the city.

After that we just explored and walked around the city and talked and laughed until I had to leave. What an AMAZING trip to Switzerland. I just have to go back. I just have to. I need to see more of it. I didn't have enough time there. So... until we meet again Switzerland...

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