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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Camel Trek in the Sahara

Do you really want to go to Morocco without a little camel trek in the Sahara desert? We sure didn't. Even though I had done a 2 day camel trek less than a year earlier in Jordan, I was ready for another one. I loved my last camel trek. I will say though... in Jordan the camel's were 2 hump camels and in Morocco they were 1 hump camels and the 2 hump camels are WAY more comfortable to ride. Thank goodness this camel ride was a lot shorter.

We took our camel ride at sunset and arrived at the desert camp shortly after the sun went down.

After being shown the tent that we would be sleeping in that night, they had dinner ready for us and fun singing and dancing that we were of course welcomed to join... and I did eventually join the dance party after a while.

This desert camp was a lot different than the one I stayed at in Jordan. This one was very colorful and everything was a lot closer together. There were things I liked about both, but the view of the stars at night was pretty amazing in both camps. When you sleep in the middle of the desert, you get an amazing display. I love that. It felt so much nicer outside than inside the tent because it is so hot... I almost slept outside like many others did... but decided to sleep inside and not wake up covered in sand.

Then it was time to ride the camels back to taxi that would take us back to the city. What a fun way to start our Morocco adventure! The picture below is of me, Denise (my travel buddy and my good friend Veda's cousin and our camel guide that we nick named Little Aladin)

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