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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

One of my goals this year was to visit a new National Park. Glacier National Park was pretty high on my list... but I couldn't find many people that wanted to go with me because it is a 10 hour drive. Well... my friend that does my lashes hooked me up with one of her friends that is single and loves to travel and loves the outdoors like me. We met up for dinner to chat and see if we meshed and then decided we were ok to take an adventure together and decided this would be our first adventure. It was a holiday weekend so we had an extra day PLUS Melanie had always wanted to go to Glacier National Park too. She dreamed of seeing Lake McDonald. The largest Lake in the National Park.

So we made the 10 hour drive to Montana on Friday after work. We spent the night in my car somewhere in Idaho, but got to the National Park by the next afternoon. First thing we did... Go to Lake McDonald. That is actually the only thing we did... that story will come in the next blog post. Nobody told us that the National Park was on fire before we went. Or that pretty much Idaho to Montana was all on fire. It was pretty bad. That being said... the Lake was beautiful and we enjoyed our time there.

One of the things that Lake McDonald is known for is all of it's colorful rocks. We had fun looking at them and picking out our favorites. I even brought a few home to put in my Fish bowl.

What a beautiful place. I will have to go back when it is not on fire to see what it looks like. :)

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