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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dance Party

This weekend Brent was doing homework... really... ALL weekend. So I had to find other things to do. Thankfully my roommate Tina wanted to see a movie with me, and a couple other girls in the ward (well Becky Kimball who actually lived in Santa B before her family moved to Utah moved out of the ward, but I wish she were still in the ward). After our movie it was pretty late, like 11:30pm or so. We were getting dropped off and I was ready to get in bed, but then we saw spot lights in the air. We were not sure where they went, but the girls were hoping it lead to a dance party and they wanted to find it. I was going to skip out, but they told me to get my butt back in the car because my boyfriend was studying. I had no excuse, so I got back in the car. We did not find where the spotlight was coming from (although Brent later told me it was from 7 Peaks because he did follow them one night and found them) but we did end up at a dance party! The dance party was at the Riviera, me and Tina's old stomping grounds! So we got out to check out the scene. We were the oldest ones there by far, and I can't even remember the last time I went to a dance. It was kind of fun for 10 minutes or so. Here is what the party looked like.

What kind of party would it be if you didn't have a place to get your picture taken!

Good clue it is a mormon party, tables of water and soda!

Good Times. Thanks girls for making it so I was not home a lone on a Friday night! :o)


Whitty said...

Can't believe I missed it! I am so sad...next time.

Caytlin said...

I LOVE Becky Kimball!!! We studied abroad together in Paris back in 04.

Tina said...

Haha, oh this nite!! What a nite!! Haha, seriously we have the funnest memories. I love us!! ;) And you!!