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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Utah State Fair

This last Friday night again was not a date night with Brent. He had to take a test. Thankfully, instead of spending the night home a lone, my friend Desiree was kind enough to invite me to go to the fair with her and Chuck and they were going with Abby and Jared. I debated if I wanted to hang with two married couples... but they are all cool and I am good friends with them all... so I was over it and would rather be with others than a lone.

I had not been to the fair since I was probably in middle school (except for the one time in college when my friends wanted me to go with them to see Lonestar perform at the Ventura County Fair... which we just went to the concert and left and I didn't even know who Lonestar was), but from what I remember of the fair in middle school... it is exactly the same today. I mean... I swear they have all the same rides, all the same haunted houses, I bet even a lot of the food booths were the same. Anywho, it was fun. We didn't really go on many rides (I actually didn't go on any) but let me tell you what we did do...

We ate some wicked greasy food

We caught the end of the Boyz II Men concert.

Saw the Bear Show

Also the Shark show

We tried to go to the petting zoo, but sadly it had closed, so we just took pictures outside of it

I ran into a group of people from my ward. I got excited so I walked over to say hi. Here is how the conversation went:
Me- "Hi guys! I see we have a group of ward members here at the fair! How fun!'
Guy 1- no response
Guy 2- "Oh hey!"
Girl 1 - "Ya, WE're on a date!"
Me - "Ok, umm cool, I just came over to say hi"
Girl 2 - "What are you doing here?"
Me - "Umm, what are you doing here? Why do people come to the fair"
Girl 2 - "Ya, well, you are holding a camera"
Me - "Are we not allowed to take pictures at the fair?"
Girl 1 - "Where is Brent?"
Me - "He is taking a test, I am here with some other friends"
Girl 1 - "Ok, well, nice... chatting with you, we are going to go"

I was just trying to say hi and people have to go and be all awkward and weird about it. It is not like I was trying to steal their dates or anything. After this weird run-in, we watched part of a hypnotist show and then I was craving a smoothie so we all got smoothies. Yum! It was a pretty fun night. Thanks Desiree and Abby for letting me tag along on your double date. :o)

P.S. Do you ever notice that the stuff they sell at the fair is the most RANDOM stuff? I mean, who says- "I can't wait until the fair comes around again so I can buy a big blanket with flying dolphins on it... or that unicorn one was pretty cool too...


Desiree said...

Yeah for the fair! What a fun place and a fun night. I don't ever remember going to the fair when I was younger, but I've been a couple of times in my adulthood and Looove it! :) Thanks so much for coming. Fun times!

jamie hixon said...

Boyz II Men still exists?? Crazy!

We never had bear shows or shark shows at the Santa Barbara fair, but we did have hypnotists.

Weird about the awkward run-in. Maybe they were just talking about you or something.
You are still looking pretty skinny there, Trace!

THE LIZARD'S said...

okay,... first of all..what is up with the people in your ward acting SO RUDE!? I was getting pretty upset when I read that part. I mean, that is why people feel like church members can be 'cliquie' and that SO bothers me!!! ugh! but, i Love my home town fair! They are fun!

Miss-tearious said...

I LOVE the first pic on this entry. It's so cool!!

I didn't go this year, and I'm ok with that. Haha