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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photography Class 2

Last class, my pictures were the first to be shown and he told the class they were a good example. I then found out that it was the class that got to pick the best photo, and sadly none of mine were chosen. It's ok. This week's assignment was about aperture. So I needed to get a picture of an object where the background was clear and then the same picture where the background was blurry. I took pictures of a lot of things.... but for some reason I chose to photograph this little Buddha that my old roommate Natalie gave me as a good luck Christmas present one year. I am just trying to be original. Which let me just tell you.... my last pictures for class, I think I was the MOST original. For the action picture where the thing in action was supposed to be moving, the one I did of the ride at the fair.... I am the ONLY one who didn't take a picture of a waterfall. Anyway, here are my Buddha pictures for the assignment.


Cheryl said...

I would love to hear more about your class. What night is it? Now that I'm feeling more like a person, I'd love if you could stop by after your class sometime (as I live 3 minutes from the UVU campus) Good job on the photos

T-Ray said...

It is on Thursday nights. It ends at 8. I should stop by sometime. That would be fun to see you and to meet baby!