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Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello! My name is Tracy Mills and I am a neat freak. I went shopping with my sister Kristy and my mom when she was in town and got some closet organizers at Ikea. I spent a few days going through all of my clothes and shoes and getting rid of stuff that I don't wear anymore and re-organized everything. After I was done.... I was so happy, being clean and organized makes me happy... it always has.


Lynette Mills said...

Yeah...you finished!

jamie hixon said...

Looks good, I'm currently purging/cleaning/organizing my closet too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheryl said...

I love IKEA and feeling clean and organized. Ryan made me some closet organizers, but we get other things there...and just last week ended up driving there just for a hazelnut chocolate bar (not really, they didn't have what we went for). haha
Maybe we could go up some time together!

BRIAN said...

Feeling organized is the best! A orderly home is a happy home. (ps this is lolly..not my husband. ha..)