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Thursday, September 3, 2009


When I was in the 3rd Grade, my mom and my class at school taught me how to make an origami crane. It really stuck with me. I still make them all the time. In fact, sometimes I make them and leave them with the tip when we go out to eat, or when Paul comes by my office at work on a regular basis and gives me gum, I fold up the wrapper and give it back to him and say thank you. I don't know why I think people would want them, but I do it anyway.

I guess I should learn how to make other things.... something more advanced? I found these pictures online of different people's origami craftsmanship. Maybe one day....


Lynette Mills said...

I love the last one...is it a Jedi?
They look pretty advanced!

Whitty said...

Yeah, the Jedi is the best! That would impress anyone :) I actually like some of the origami crustaceans as well. Real nice.

Abby Wright said...

I had to read the title 2 times to make sure it said what it said! LOL