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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I used to scrapbook almost every picture that I took starting in middle school. You can imagine how many scrapbooks I have seeing how many pictures I take. The scrap booking is not that great, partly because I was young and didn't know what I was doing, partly because if I took the time to do all the cutesy scrapbook stuff it would take me forever and I would never be caught up with all my pictures. So I retired from scrap booking when I discovered I could make books of my pictures online in less time and less money. I felt good about this decision.

Last Valentines day, I know Brent was starting to think of a gift for me early... which made me think of what I could give him. I wanted to do something thoughtful since I think guys are hard to shop for and because Brent is so thoughtful. So even though I had retired from scrap booking, I decided a really great and thoughtful gift would be making him a scrapbook of us. Not only is it full of pictures, but I included a story of how we met and fell in love and inside jokes and stories of our adventures and so on. If I was going to scrapbook again, I was going all out, so I did. Then I remembered why I retired from scrap booking. It takes SO much time and it is SO expensive to buy all the cute stuff to enhance your scrapbook.

I decided to call it Four Seasons and a Road Trip, because I told him (before we started dating) that is a good amount of time to date because you see all sides of the person and such. Obviously when I gave him the book in February it was not complete because we did not gone through all seasons yet. It had everything up to that present time and I told him that I would add to it until we got engaged and then the book is done. Obviously I am still waiting for that moment as well... so I am still adding to the book. It is starting to be a big book. Since I have been working on it lately... I thought I would post some of the pages on here. Not all of the pages are my favorite, I like how some turn out more than others... but the book all together is fun and it will be great to look back on when we get older and have kids. Here are a few pages from the book.


Shan said...

These are the cutest pages! You are one talented girl. I love that you are taking a photography class. I have always wanted to do that.

THE LIZARD'S said...

I am glad I got to see it in person. I really like scrapbooking. its so fun to look back and I love to see how my little babies were so tiny! I really like your LOVE page in the rain. so nice. but, actually all of your book impressed me. you have mad scrapbooking skills.

jamie hixon said...

So cute.
You two are so photogenic, too. Me... not so much anymore. I'll just have to scrapbook my kids.

Cheryl said...

I love the idea of doing the seasons. Way cute. And Lolly is right, mad skills.