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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Corn Belly's

Friday night I went to Thanksgiving Point with my roommate Allyson and a couple of friends to go to the corn maze (thanks to 20 year old Josh at work who has a crush on me.... I tend to attract the young ones if you remember my "work crush" post last summer.... Josh works at the corn maze as a second job and gave me 4 free tickets). The weather was pretty nice and there were lots of people there and lots to do. It was fun to go to Thanksgiving Point because the last couple of years I went to "Hee Haws" instead. So much more to do at "Corn Belly's". Here are a few of the activities we did there. (FYI, some of these pictures are from a couple years ago when I went on a group date, pictures used just to demonstrate activities)

"I Spy"
There was a case which inside the case there was a halloween sncene. There was a list on the outside of the case of things to find in the scene. We spent a while here... determind to find them all (but we lost interest before that happened)

"Go Carts"
In this picture it shows me on the big go cart... but all the kids were on the big ones, so we raced the small ones. It was a work out I tell ya... an adult can barley fit on those things let alone pedal them. I think this is when I hurt my back

"Chicken Comedy Show"
There are seats.... people just sit while someone pushes a button to make the chickens tell lame jokes.

"The Creature"
Next we went into the big blow up creature. It is some sort of reptile thing, you go inside, see its guts and there are people in there that scare you.Not going to lie... I screamed.

"Corn Box"
Okay, so we didn't go in the corn box because kids were throwing corn everywhere, but it reminded me of when I last went in the corn box and they covered me in the corn except for my head. That was gross... never again. Sometimes I wonder why I will do almost anything.

"Corn Maze"
The reason everyone goes to these activities! Last year they shaped the corn maze like David Archuleta. This year it was shaped like Larry Miller. A nice little tribute to the owner of the Utah Jazz who died this last February.

All in all a pretty fun night. I enjoy going to the corn maze every year. I guess I just enjoy being festive around the holidays.


Desiree said...

So fun! I didn't know they had all of those side activities to do! That sounds awesome. Not the creature though. That sounds SICK! :) Glad you had a good time.

Nicole said...

I love cornbelly's! You just inspired me that I should go this year. Looks like fun. We need to catch up. It's been too long.

THE LIZARD'S said...

oh wow..that stack of pumpkins all carved and lit up to a paramyd shape thingie..was SO COOL! I really like that picture! I want that in my front yard..hha.. can you imagine..all on my little patch of fake grass??? ha! looks fun.